Find Out How the National Football League’s New Rule Will Affect Your NFL Weekly Picks

If someone would have told you that referees would affect your NFL weekly picks, you’d probably think that Roger Goodell lost his marbles and hired Tim Donaghy to start officiating football games. Certainly it’s nowhere near that serious, deposit 20 bonus 15 but a small tweak to the positioning of officials has caused a big stir during the preseason.

For anyone who knows anything about the affect your NFL weekly picks , the change is pretty straightforward: it makes the game more exciting.angled Linesgiving an edge to the defense, which was a major factor in the NFL’s Come-acious row. It will also affect the betting, depending on how you look at it.

For the most part, the new rule simply requires officials to give the same amount of space to both the offensive and defensive teams as they give to the teams during the regular season. The home team will get the half-yard line to start, with home teams getting two and half yards on the road. It’s pretty much the same thing, except for the fact that teams aren’t awarded half a yard on alternate possessions.

In the preseason, teams will be allowed to designate which quarter they want to start in. Until this year, home teams had the advantage, getting a quarter’s worth of the yardager after the teams got into a half-yardage scrape. That’s part of the problem of commencement hurry up, too: a team can get a first down, but can’t get the ball back.

NFL Commences-securing the Playoff spot

As we near the Super Bowl 50, the betting public still does not appear to be very focused on the playoffs. While it’s always nice to have a two-digit favorite in the big game, the odds makers continue to ignore what’s going on in the Hunt.

First-year coach Jack Del Rio is already making headlines for his supposed egomania, talking up his team’s ability to beat the New York Jets five days before the game. Apparently, the players are having fun rolling the dice with Del Rio, something they surely couldn’t do in practice, as the Jags are 2-14 ATS the past two seasons against visiting teams with a better than .500 record.

The Raiders have home field, but not a lot of confidence from the fans, many of whom believe they are going to be swept over by the superior San Diego Chargers. If this were the case, the Jags might be getting a number of points from the bettors, not that they should be.

If it is truly fact that a playoff berth for the Jags is a definite, the game against Denver will be a good one to bet on. The Broncos have won three straight against the league’s No. 6 defense, and the Jags’ defensive struggles would be a surprise given their win total on the road last week against the visiting Chargers.

Those cylinders appear to be gelling heading to the postseason, but the Jags still have to make a first-round trip, and they must do so without WR Eric Parker. Parker suffered a calf injury in the Denver game, and he is a big part of a receiving corps that is becoming a Pro Bowl contender in St. Louis. Del Rio clearly has confidence in Parker, and last week he pushed the young pass catcher in practice. Parker may not have a big game over the Greg Jennings as a starter, but as a backup he is going to be a big asset to the Jags on theMLB table this weekend.

NFL rebounding vs. run defense

The old adage that run and shut down is still applicable in the NFL after all these years of Pace Systems and chewable pass options. The thought process goes something like this: If you can’t shut them down, don’t let them play; Marquand Manuel allowed six touchdowns to 10 receivers in a recent game, and Jason Campbell has given up seven in his career against Division I-AA competition.

There are other teams that would love to stand up and take a punch at the proverbial AFC North title, but are either too shorthanded (ill-equipped or both) to take the division when the chips are down. The best example of this would be Baltimore. The Ravens are the current leader in the division, but they are a poor 2-8 ATS the past three weeks against the divisional games of Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

The Jags have been the league’s big surprise, catapulting themselves from last year’s opening-season curse-drawing playoff spot to an expected early-season bye. But they are still susceptible to inferior non-divisional competition, and Cincy has found a way to ruin Joe Cole’s attempt to defend his AFC North title: the simpler and shorter explanation is that the AFC North is tougher this year.

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