How to Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called Winning Systems

How to Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called “Winning Systems”

As a casino player, would you want to lose money by using those so called winning systems? No doubts there might be some winning systems that might work, but not in the long run. Rather you might be better off using some basic yet proven strategies to increase your chances of a win.

The problem with the vast majority of the so called “winning systems” is that they are usually based on blackjack game rules and they are limited in their focus. Casinos are gunning to use these so called strategies because it sells to them, the very thing we are trying to avoid.

Gambling is a losing game if you are taking it as a game of pure luck. The house knows it, and while the house does have an advantage occasionally, overall the house is just a small percentage away from the players. You may win a hand or two, but in the long run the house edge will prevail.

Blackjack is a game of skill. So called “Dewalive” are either used instinctively by seasoned players or developed by reading the books of other players. Using your intuition to make decisions is really just the same as if you were to watch cards being dealt. If you know the pattern being followed, you can figure out what the next card will be even if you are unable to see what cards were already dealt. Patience is the virtue to master these games and you would gain an edge over the house.

Strategies may be simple, but they are very potent. While learning how to play poker, many players would work hard to perfect their strategy, and in blackjack, strategy can pay off in a big way. Though poker and blackjack are undoubtedly gambling, you can always benefit from some smart betting and game play strategy.

When developing your blackjack strategy, keep in mind the four strategies.

• Simple Strategy

• Proven Strategies

• Suggested Strategies

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The Basics

If you were to use a basic blackjack strategy, the first one would be to ignore the dealer’s first card in regards to 21. More times than not, the dealer draws a card that is higher than a value that is outside the range of 17-21. Play your bets based on the rarity of the face card, rather than the face card. You may also wish to ignore the dealer’s second card in your strategy.

In card counting, you bet on a single number or very closely related to it, as well as various other methods. The ultimate goal is to beat the dealer’s count. If your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand, you will win.

In addition, the player should take note of the type of the cards, the high cards, and the low cards, as well as the satisfaction of the cards. If the cards are in sequence, very close to each other, this is an indication of a very strong hand. The dealer’s cards to low cards ratio is at it’s lowest when the cards are in sequence.

Kinds of hands in blackjack are, of course, the same in all casinos. Still, different forms of blackjack have inherently different versions of strategies, and it should be noted.

The reason you alway should note this is because it is what the casinos would want you to believe. After all, they don’t want you to win, do they, so they would make it difficult by making it look like a game of chance, in which case you will surely lose.

Blackjack Strategies and the Odds

• There are many strategies concerning the game of blackjack, as you can see. Basically, there is the high-low split, the odd-even split, the red-black split, the black-red split, etc. These percentages are all correct and are just guides for the newbie.

• One of the versions of the high-low strategy is the high-low split. In this strategy, the 21 is counted as a high card, and the ace card is counted as a low card. In all these strategies, the chances of a card being high or low is relative to the number of cards remaining in the deck.

• Likewise, the odd-even strategy is the same. In this strategy, the ace is counted as odd and the number 2 is counted as even. It is seen that a card rarely ends up being neither high nor low, so it is best to bet on that sort of card.

• In the black-red strategy, the cards are splits into black and red. The cards that are initially dealt are considered as black cards, and the cards that follow are considered as red. The cards that are initially dealt in the deck are referred to as the running count.

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