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24/7 ServiceStation

Digital customer service for car keys, payment and logistics

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Savings identified by car repair shops

Easy check-in

Check-in for cars to be repaired around the clock

Customer payment

Payment for the workshop invoice is secured

Easy checkout

Checkout as a self-service outside opening hours

How it works

In this paragraph we´ll go thru how customers can drop off their car, get a loaner, pick it up after service, and even do payment any time.

Security and insurance approved cabinet

What if your customers require a loaner car? Or what if they show up to a very busy service department while on their lunch break? The answer is the new Sharebox 24/7 Service Station. In other words it basically functions like a computerized service desk in a secure cabinet. For instance, customers use their phone, open a locker and deposit keys into the station. In addition, if they also require a loaner vehicle, the station will also dispense the keys.

Simple self-serviced check-out

After that, when service is complete, customers receive a text message notifying them that work is done, along with a link for mobile payment. Afterwards a security code to access the station is received.

However, if a loaner car was involved, the station can also facilitate the return, and it will do all of the above at any time, day or night.

Save time and costs

In conclusion, the 24/7 Service Station save time for both customers, car dealerships and workshops, as a cost effective step in an automotive world that’s becoming increasingly automated and self-serviced.

Sharebox car key cabinet for automotive repair shops. Secure cabinet, managing customer self-service including invoice payment.