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5 Benefits of Using Plastic Pots for Gardening

5 Benefits of Using Plastic Pots for Gardening

With the apartment lifestyle being the trend everywhere, smaller outdoor areas have become a norm. However, it has still not taken away from the charm of gardening. People continue to find ways to keep the green in their life by creating kitchen and balcony gardens in plastic plant pots. Even those who have the space to grow a full-fledged garden find it easier to use plastic pots because of the variety of benefits they provide. Add to it the innovative solutions that these provide to the gardeners and it is a full house. Here are the top plastic pots to create the best version of a garden.

More Control means Better Produce

Plastic pots are lightweight, which makes them a favorite among gardeners. When planting saplings in these pots, the biggest advantage that gardeners have is the absolute control over the soil and the conditions in which the plant grows. Planting in the ground does not afford that kind of flexibility.

Whether a plant needs more sun, shade, water or something else, its position cannot be changed if it is planted on the ground. With plastic pots, the gardener gets complete control over all the conditions, because they can decide the type of soil or substrate that works best for the plant. For instance, round plastic pots allow plants to get the optimum amount of water even with high flow substrates. They come with wide legs that allow the flow of water and prevent the roots from coming in contact with the soil which in turn avoids pathogen agents to contaminate the plant . Drainage collection pots offer the gardeners the perfect solution to keep a tab on the humidity levels and allows the reutilization of water for other purposes.

Since the gardeners have more control over the plant’s surrounding conditions, all they have to do is create the optimum growth environment. It will encourage healthy growth and high-yielding plant.

Flexible Design Fuels Innovation

Different plants require different soil and water conditions to grow. While some plants like a lot of water with good drainage, others like soils that hold more water. With the innovation in gardening, special-purpose plastic pots have been developed to take care of the smallest of needs of these plants.

Also, plants tend to have varying abilities to absorb nutrients and moisture. So, when two varieties of plants are grown on the ground, it may lead to the overgrowth of the voracious plant and the stunted growth or the withering away of the slow absorbing plant. However, with a plastic pot, gardeners can grow such plants separately to get optimum produce from both types of plants.

In other words, gardeners can grow strawberries in the same garden where they have a cactus. While a strawberry needs its fair share of water, cactuses are renowned for their desert lifestyle. And a garden with plastic plant pots has them all. In particular, the square pots provide a lot of surface area to work with and therefore, a lot of plants can be planted in a single pot.

Easy to Maintain

Plastic pots do not require plenty of maintenance. Since it is super easy to clean them, they do not get any kind of permanent deposits, unlike the clay pots. In fact, the darker coloured pots do not stain or get dirty easily.

Nevertheless, there are many gardeners who make use of stainless steel containers. This metal eventually rusts, rendering it useless and in the process, destroying the plant growing inside it. Rust has no power over plastic pots, which makes them more durable and usable for a long time.

Wide Variety of Plastic Pots to Choose From

Plastic pots do allow innovation and customization. That is the reason why there are so many different varieties of plastic plant pots available in the market. Some of them come with a drainage line to make the cleaning easier. Then there are pots with pyramid bottoms to allow better aeration of the roots. Some plastic pots come with a larger surface area to accommodate more plants. The potential here is endless. However, gardeners should take care that they are choosing a pot that provides them a lot of functionality and at the same time, does not compromise on quality.

Smart Investment

Plastic lasts long so gardeners do not have to worry about investing in these pots frequently. Once a plastic pot becomes a part of the garden, it stays there for a long time. They are highly resilient against the weather and long term usage.

First of all, they are stronger and unlike the clay containers, do not break if they fall. This is the reason why clay pots start looking hideous after a while. They are also more flexible. So, it is easier to use them in a smaller space. Lastly, they do not crack easily.

A plastic pot keeps giving returns long after it has been purchased, which is why it is so popular in the gardening community.

Plastic pots are a good investment, do not cost a fortune to maintain, are easier to handle, offer a lot of variety to choose from, and even inspire innovation in the garden. These pots are a great way to create a flourishing container garden and often used for planting vegetables. They are hugely popular, and they deserve every bit of appreciation that they receive.

Why you should consider using plastic pots for your gardening project? Find out about all their benefits and why they will guarantee your planting success.