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Advanced Growing

Grow Lighting PAR, What Does PAR Mean

Cannabis grow light technology is always changing. Grow lighting PAR, is something that growers have never really had to pay attention to before. Now there is so much choice, and hundreds of different models of LED lighting, you have to know more about lighting to make sure you’re not being ripped off. In this guide, we will go through what Grow Lighting PAR is, what it means, and how it affects plant growth. It may get a bit complicated, but as usual, this guide will be broken down to make it as simple to understand as possible. There is one

Topping a Cannabis Plant

When growing cannabis indoors, you do not have the luxury of a nuclear furnace in the sky providing your plants with light. Grow lights, no matter how good, do not compare to natural sunlight. To make the most of the spread of light when growing indoors, topping a cannabis plant is essential. It can seem scary to remove parts of your plant, but topping is easy, and it will give you better control of a plants structure. Also, it will encourage growth to the side, instead of growing tall. This helps when you have height restrictions. If you have any

How to Make Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Feminised seeds are one of the greatest advances in cannabis growing. Growers used to grow more plants than they need, in the chance of having enough females. But now, cannabis seeds are available, that are pretty much guaranteed to be female. In this guide we will explain how to make Feminised cannabis seeds for yourself. Using these techniques you will be able to preserve your favourite strain in seed form, instead of keeping a mother. You will also be able to begin breeding your own feminised cannabis plants! You can cross 2 females, of your favourite strains together, and as

When you are comfortable with your level of growing skills, it is time to learn some Advanced Cannabis Growing Techniques to increase your yield!