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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review
  • Reputation – 75%


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 2002 by a man who goes by the name of “Joe Green”.


  • Free shipping Every order is guaranteed (even if it’s seized at customs) High quality products and highly engaged customer service team


  • Does not truly ship worldwide Reports of long shipping times Discretion is not always apparent

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review 2020 – – Reliable Netherlands Seed Bank. Interested in buying some seeds? If that is the case, maybe you have checked the seed breeder’s brand and its online shop “AMS”, also known as ma . This article offers a full review of AMS so you can decide whether to make a purchase on the site. At , they offers only AMS brand of product, which are also available at other seed banks too .

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 2002 by a man who goes by the name of Joe Green.

Joe has been growing marijuana for more than 20 years and is skilled in all aspects among the cannabis industry.

Nowadays, the AMS empire is still based away from Amsterdam, though has get one of the largest online seed banks.

AMS aims to serve both large-scale growers and hobby connoisseurs, meaning contain something for just about everyone.


The website is really easy to use, even for someone who are not very familiar with technology. All you need to do is choose the category of interest, rom regular to feminized, medical, auto flowering, or all strains from the top menu and go from there. There are also value packs, top strains, and wholesale on the website.

Besides, even though the company is based in the Netherlands , they can ship the seeds worldwide. Therefore, you can order seeds at AMS as long as you have a legitimate address.


AMS offers customers several different payment methods to choose from including via credit/debit card (Visa and Mastercard only), bank transfer, Western Union, BitCoin and cash.

According to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ website, BitCoin could be the preferred method and is processed the quickest, about one hour after the order is placed.

The other aforementioned payment methods typically are processed within 48 hours.

Bank transfers can take up to three or four business days to clear, depending on the country the transfer is issued from.

Cash obviously will the longest to be processed, as these have to extensively use the speed with the international air mail carrier.

One thing I appreciate about AMS’ payment method page is they also lay out your anonymity of each payment method.

This is another reason BitCoin is favored payment method (for both AMS and customers), as each transaction is completely anonymous.

Credit/debit card and bank transfer transactions are the least anonymous, as the transaction will post to your card.

This being said, any charge of AMS will be discreet and will not include anything about marijuana in the charge description.

Overall, AMS’ payment methods are on par with similar seed banks’ options.


Overall, most customers report AMS as having a responsive and considerate customer service team.

On many online forums, any negative feedback or complaints/concerns were addressed immediately by AMS and customers were offered some way to resolve the problem.

Plus, AMS does guarantee their products so should an issue arise, I would advise you to get in touch with AMS as quickly as possible permit them an possiblity to work with to be able to find a resolution.

Most reviews I found were overwhelmingly positive and most customers had high praise for AMS.

AMS is also very responsive on several online forums, addressing customer complaints, concerns and praise from a responsive and friendly manner.
Many seed banks do not engage on these forums, something I think further discredits many banks.

AMS clearly cares for the overall customer experience and works in order to find promptly resolve any circumstances arise.


Your living area previously, the majority of AMS’ customers report being highly satisfied with their products and overall shopping discover.

Those who were unsatisfied and posted negative reviews often received a response from AMS almost immediately with steps to resolve the problem.
In most cases, such as orders not arriving or orders being seized by customs, AMS will process a replacement.

Overall, AMS seems for one of the more reliable online seed banks out there.


Definitely the thing about Amsterdam Marijuanaa Seeds is they totally free shipping to most countries world-wide.

According to their site, they don’t ship to countries with extremely strict customs regulations.

The list of countries they don’t ship to could be found here.

Orders shipped within Europe can need to arrive within 9-15 business days, and orders shipped outside of Europe typically arrive in 15-21 business period.

This being said, AMS does allot 21 business days for each order to arrive, thus ask you not contact about reshipment until those a three-week period have passed.

If you do not receive your order within those 21 business days, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will resend your order for free.

I appreciate this gesture from AMS because many seed banks charge extra for guaranteed products.

Some online reviews report long shipping times, though to pick from multiple above if waiting more than 21 business days for order, simply contact AMS and they’ll likely work to respond to the situation as soon as possible.

Additionally, according making use of their website, AMS will also reship any order confiscated by lifestyle.

Simply take an image of the envelope and confiscation letter you receive and AMS will resend your order.

This is quiet perk as most seed banks do not take responsibility for orders seized at customs.

One important note, AMS states customers have 60 days from the date of shipment declare the package as lost or seized (provided the allotted 21 business days have passed).

So if you will not receive your seeds be particular contact AMS the instance possible.

Because AMS doesn’t ship completely worldwide like most seed banks, yet still offers free guaranteed shipping I’ve only docked half connected with a point.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review 2020 – – Reliable Netherlands Seed Bank. Interested in buying some seeds? If that is the case,