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Located in Netherlands.

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Amsterdammarijuanaseeds is listed as “fake” at the SeedFinder. This means you will get overpriced or re-packed gear (if you are lucky), industrial hemp seeds – or nothing! Be careful if you plan to order in one of this shops.

They sell overpriced seeds from Nirvana without telling the breeder. (if youre lucky, maybe they only use Nirvanas strain descriptions into the shop) There are also a lots of affiliate-sites around the www who links to this shop! Result: Don’t use this Site!

User Reviews

guest Canada, October 2019

This company used to be very good, but have changed hands in the last couple of years. now they are untrustworthy. Customer service is terrible.

guest United States, July 2019

I ordered 5 auto from conspicuous seeds from this company none of my seeds mind I its been two weeks none of them germinate I would run a campaign on how not to buy from these crooks $55 for nothing I am so ?

guest United States, October 2018

I left a good review a few weeks ago and boy was I wrong. Yes, the seeds got to me very quickly . And, yes, they looked good. But, the quality of them is a very different story. I am an experienced grower, but, Im having a hell of a time getting these seeds to germinate and the ones that do are weak and deformed. Some even try to sprout upside down!That was the first and last time that I send my money to this company. Ill shop at ILGM from now on.

guest Canada, September 2018

Just a addendum to my Aug post on this seed house. Originally the seeds were ordered first week of July and I finally received the seeds the third week of Sept. A little slow but they arrived. The post marks on the order was over a month from when they said they shipped?

guest United States, September 2018

My husband and I ordered our seeds on September 4, via bank transfer. ($285.00 worth + $60.00 in fees). We were excited to learn that within just a few hours, our order status was changed to ” shipped”. We werent expecting to receive anything for at least a few weeks so we werent that anxious. However, on September 14, I found the seed finder website. We were horrified after reading all the negative reviews about a company that had almost $300.00 of our hard earned money. We just new we were going to get ripped off. The next day, September 15, much to our surprise, the package came. We were thrilled that in just 11 days we received all the seeds we had ordered. There were no crushed seeds, they all looked mature, they were separated by strain, and labeled. Our experience with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was a very positive one. Two satisfied customers.

guest Canada, August 2018

Ordered from AMS a month ago . They were quick to let me know that my order was sent out July 17. Nothing yet as of Aug 18. Sent a order to another seed house at the same time and that order arrived 2 days ago so delivery speed seems poor from both seed banks but at least Seedsman delivers. I sent out orders to various seed houses to see who I would deal with in the future these guys did not make the cut.

guest Australia, July 2018

Placed order April 2017 and after 1st failed delivery promised another delivery but never arrived.
Told me a refund was under way but after 1 year of exchanged emails still no refund.
No response to my last email so presumed avoiding me now.

guest Iran, March 2018

not deliveri package.very bad fuck the

guest Australia, January 2018

Payed for seeds and never arrived ,they got reshipped and never arrived ,have still not been credited and have no seeds . BEWARE! STAY AWAY!

guest Netherlands, December 2017

Placed my order for a little over 100 euros on the 15th of november. Payed in full and never heard back from them. No seeds and my money gone. NEVER AGAIN! SCAM. Stay away from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

guest Australia, November 2017

Never Arrived. Several weeks later my account just disappeared?? WTF?? Total scam!!

guest Australia, September 2017

Seeds arrived in good time and look good and look viable but havnt tried too grow them yet. There so called “stealth” packaging is not as good as others and would not pas any type of x-ray or inspection, but having said that it made it through Ozzie customs.

guest United States, May 2017

Not sure about all the other bad reviews but I ordered twice from AMS and my order arrived within 10 days. 10 seeds of Strawberry Ice all 10 germinated in 24-48 hours. Also ordered 5 ea of Pineapple Express and Blue Dream Xtrm . all 5 germinated in 24-48 hours and appear to be authentic. If this site were fake I believe they would be more like Canadian Hemp Co ( fake ass)and have every strain, even the ones SOLD OUT everywhere else. This isnt the case. AMS has only about 30 strains , if they were a fake site I imagine they would just offer up all the strains. Service price and selection at AMS was fair. No problems here

Amsterdammarijuanaseeds Seedbank Review Located in Netherlands. User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 34 user reviews.

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Write a review

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I have been waiting since May 7th for…

I have been waiting since May 7th for either seeds to arrive or a refund. I have yet to receive either one even.

Couldn’t post to Oz and were totally honest and quickly refunded

I purchased happy haze seeds through AMS last year and received them in beanie package, they all sprouted and were exactly what had ordered , I tried to order more recently and ordered 2 lots which after ordering 2nd lot received email saying Australian customs had got the better of them and could no longer post to Australia and would have to refund which Ams did straight away so even though I would loved to have got more seeds off them they could not have been more honest. If laws change in Australia and are able to send to Oz I will deifinetly be buying from Ams in future

Great customer service!!

I ordered Auto Carmeliscious seeds 5 pack from them and had no success with the seeds, so AMS reached out to me to apologize and rectify the situation, and they were very helpful, fast, and pain free to work with on solving this issue. AMS is sending me AK-47 xtrm auto seeds as a replacement. Very good customer service and very easy to work with. I will update how the seeds go !

Bad seeds

Ordered 2 packs of 10 seeds each. One pack of 10 had no germination success whatsoever. The other was 50/50. What a rip off of 200 euros. Never buying here again.

years ago never a problem but the last…

years ago never a problem but the last years and especially the last big orders from about 100 bux gave me nothing, after complaining i did get a replacement, so called it as send 3 times. And from these seeds where i used 6 of only 1 made it above ground after 2 days whilst the rest seems to be dead again. If the other seeeds stay alike i will be buying elsewhere. Shame

Thumps up!

Everything exactly as ordered, arrived ahead of time. So far, very happy with my experiences with this company.

Harvested some M.O.A.B flowers

Harvested some M.O.A.B flowers. It is the mostfragrant and one one the most potent buds I have tried. The smell is like nothing on Earth. sickly sweet, tatseis out of this world Thanks

im not happy with this company

im not happy with this company and the lies they send me that they would refund me and send my seeds afeter twicw i got no seeds instead they did nothing stay away from ams

Pixie dust, fairytale description

I bought 20 seeds this past Spring 2020, everything germinated, that’s the last of the good news!! Plants grew very slow, they didn’t even start to flower until end of Aug(outside, great soil, plenty of water and fertilizer.) Actually just cut some this weekend, Oct. 17th, buds are extremely leafy, loose, not solid as description says. I’m leaving them in the field to rot. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I’ve grown outside for 8 years, WORST STRAIN EVER.

Have not received seeds

I ordered my seeds August 22, 2020, order # 100077662 I sent email stating I never received my seeds, was suppose to be here Oct 3, you sent email back saying wait until the Oct 8. Still no seeds. Sent a email Oct 9 stating no seeds. Oct 10 you wanted a address confirmation. I sent you that. Oct 11. You sent email stating I will get a email on when it’s shipped. Ok this is Oct 15 and still no reshipment of my seeds. not cool going on 2 months now, checked spam folder and no emails of reshipment. October 20, still no seeds and no email in either folder stating seeds have shipped. I feel I’m just being lied to. Thinking I just need a refund

Hello AMS

Hello AMS! I am awaiting delivery of my order #100079458. Status Update? Thank you!!😎

my package got here in a somewhat…

my package got here in a somewhat timely manner. seeds all germinated well, the messed up part is the pic of what’s on the site in NOWAY matched what I received. i expected the purples in the flower. colors attract customers! the flavor was ok the fragrance again just ok.

Been ordering seeds from AMS for over 15 years no complaints

I have been using AMS seeds for a long time. I buy from the premium line of seeds menu and have never been disappointed. A number of years ago I lost a pack of seeds to U.S. customs. AMS refunded my money. Since then they have changed their shipping practices and I have not lost anything.

My latest purchase was for 10 AMS Supreme seeds. I received them a couple of months ago and just now germinated them. All 10 seeds were viable and sprouted. My last crop was also AMS Supreme and the final product was amazing. I have no complaints with AMS and would highly recommend buying seeds from them

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