animal weed pipes

Animal Pipes

Animal Pipes

Lions, tigers, and bears. All pipes! That’s right, here at Brothers With Glass we have all of your glass animal pipe needs and wants covered. Have you always wanted to puff, puff, pass a penguin pipe? No problem. Ever wanted to take fat rips from a rottweiler? All good. Maybe you have secretly always wanted to smoke that fire out of a fox. No matter what your animal instincts may be, we have the glass to fit your lifestyle. Sit back, relax, and surf through the pages of animal pipes we have to offer.

One of the biggest manufacturers of glass animal pipes (and one of our absolute favorites) is Chameleon Glass . Chameleon Glass has been producing glass in the US since the early 90s, which is probably before a lot of you were born. They started near Trinidad California. They later moved to a bigger warehouse facility in Arizona. They work with well over 100 artists from over 10 states to make some of the most durable, artistic, quality glass art there is to offer. Chameleon is proud to be a funded SBA partner and member of the Retail Tobacco Dealers Association (RTDA). They are also part of the National Tobacco Outlet Association (NATO). All products conform to specifications and standards required of these organizations. So, you know they only make quality products.

You might be asking yourself “why do people want to smoke out of an animal?” Fair question. However, have you ever tried it? Have you hit a pipe shaped like an oh so familiar hat-wearing forest fire preventing bear? Don’t you think t=it’s one of those things worth trying before you go knocking it? We certainly do. We carry tons of different designs and animals for any and all animal (and greenery) lovers out there. Want to speed up your smoke sessions? Maybe try using the black stallion hand pipe . Feel more like chilling out and taking things slow? Not a problem, just spark up with a snail pipe. I think you’re starting to get the picture.

These animal pipes are amazing for more reasons than just their looks. Sure, they are all beautiful and unique works of art, but the work and technique that goes into making these amazing pipes is worth marveling at as well. While a glass blower making a standard pipe has little to do outside of color and shape, designing and creating these animal pipes takes a bit more work. Firstly, because it takes time to make a functional piece that holds up to the true shape of an animal. Secondly, because it involves techniques not every glass blower utilizes regularly. Some of them require multiple layers and features stacked on top of each other to pull of the look. Some even need to be cold sculpted, or hand carved to fit the look of the animal they are designed after.

Maybe you are not looking for a specific animal to smoke out of. Perhaps, you’re contemplating starting a fully functional zoo in your glass case. If that is the situation you find yourself in, you are most definitely in the right place to start. Here at Brothers With Glass, we have such a wide array of animal pipes, you could have a whole section for bears, one for birds, farm animals. We even carry animals straight out of the cryptozoology world. Need a unicorn to get you stoned? We got you. Maybe a Pokemon character is more up your alley. We have got you covered there, too. Basically anything you could ever want or need, Brothers With Glass has it for a price you’ll have a hard time turning down.

Listen to your instincts. They’re saying “buy an animal pipe from BWG” and honestly, who are we to deny our animal side? After all, you and me, baby. We’re nothing but mammals. And so are most of our animal pipes. Although we do have some amphibians and reptiles too!

These pipes can resemble your best friends rottweiler or some animal you could only think up in the imagination.