bang purple haze taste

Upcoming Purple Haze Bang confirmed as a grape flavor

Fans of VPX Sports’ popular Bang energy drink wondering what the next new Bang flavor tastes like, have finally got their answer. Previously all we knew about the brand’s next addition to its growing energy drink menu is that it’s called Purple Haze.

While the color of the Purple Haze Bang and its name, do point in some direction for what the flavor could be, up until today we didn’t have anything concrete. We can now confirm that like a lot of purple themed drinks, VPX Sports’ Purple Haze is a grape flavor.

An image of Purple Haze Bang has actually surfaced featuring a few extra words to its title reading “Purple Haze Grape Glaze”. We’re not entirely certain if that is going to be what’s on the final can, although either way, it confirms that Purple Haze is indeed a grape flavor.

While we have still yet to hear anything about when Purple Haze is launching, based on the frequency VPX Sports is promoting it, we suspect it’ll be out and available very soon.

VPX Sports next new flavor of its BCAA and creatine infused energy drink is called Purple Haze Bang and is apparently some sort of grape flavor