bc northern lights roommate price

bc northernlights Grow Box

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I bet this has been posted a few times but having troubles finding it.

Im just wondering about BC northrenlights grow box, just the Roommate because that’s all I need to please myself.

Questions from users-
Overall is it worth the price.
are they power hogs.
are the loud?
and does carbon filter work?

also if anyone has grow journals id like to see!

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I’ve got the Producer but I’ll answer your questions;

Yes, it is worth the price. Yes, you can do it cheaper. I have minimal handyman skills and very limited time. This box was a great solution. My first harvest was 525 grams. I was paying $12/gram at my dispensary, now I’m paying them nothing.

I don’t believe they are power hogs but I’m not really sure.

I wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room as it but they aren’t loud. Mine is in a boiler room and I can barely hear it.

Yes, carbon filters work.

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I also have a producer and I love it, the price seems a bit steep but it is worth it to not have to set it up yourself. Personally for my situation I would have bought the roommate without hydro would be the way to go. The room I have my producer has no windows and it is to hot to keep my res cool enough. I cant supplement air conditioning either. The producer is a bigger growing space than I need. I am sure u could pull 6-20oz every 2 months with it growing in soil/soilless or hydro

the reason I edited this post is I would recommend buying the dryer with the roommate at the same time. I ordered my producer without one and ended up getting one later, keeps the smell down to minimum, unless u r legal or enjoy the smell

I bet this has been posted a few times but having troubles finding it. Im just wondering about BC…

Top 13 Home Cannabis Grow Boxes

If you want to grow cannabis indoors then you need a good growing space. But if indoor space is an issue or you want to further secure your cannabis plants, you can use a grow box to manage your plants indoors better.
A grow box or a grow cabinet is the ideal option if you want to recreate an indoor growing environment that is similar to nature. With a grow box, you will be able to grow your weed in a much more controlled environment that’s best for your type of cannabis strain. A grow box will allow you to control growing conditions like the temperature, humidity, and the lighting to benefit your plants. With a grow box you can grow cannabis even if the climate where you are located is not suitable for growing a particular strain.
The top grow boxes you can buy today
Although you can construct your own cannabis grow box out of regular items you have at home, you can skip the DIY and proceed with growing your plants with the following top grow boxes.

Seedo Auto Home Grow Device

Welcome to the space age where growing your own vegetables, herbs and cannabis is fully automated. You can now use a cool grow box that looks almost like a small robot. The Seedo Auto Home Grow Device will let you plant a seed or a clone in a growing medium, use the Seedo monitoring app to keep an eye on your plants and simply harvest your fruits, veggies or cannabis when the grow cycle is done. Its completely automated.

Seedo is a self-sufficient device that will work for people who have no knowledge or experience in growing cannabis. It is designed to stimulate plant’s specific natural conditions to help you create better yields and uses a patent-pending lighting system that will automatically adjust your growth stage for maximum yields with minimal space. Space is airtight with built-in lighting, CO2 cartridge, and even an air conditioning system. All these will help enhance your grow and reduce smell and leakage.

The Seedo has unique features like a sterile hermetic system that will prevent pests, smell leakage and eliminate the need to use pesticides. The lighting is auto-adjust that delivers maximum daylight illumination at minimal cost. This has EC and pH sensors for optimal and automated delivery of nutrients. Inside the growing chamber is an HD camera where you can monitor your plants from your phone or tablet.
You can further check on your plants with automatic notification alerts on your smartphone. Your device can act as a controller if you want to make manual adjustments on your settings. You can also take snapshots of your plants and upload or share these to your friends.
There is hardly any disadvantage of using the Seedo Auto Home Grow grow box. Possibly the only complaint is that it is too small. It measures just 24.4” x 24.4” and therefore it can only accommodate two to three plants.

Other than that, its a completely automated system that takes car of everything for you which is ideal for most people who want to grow things at home but don’t have the time.

Grow Boxes by BC Northern Lights

BC Northern Lights manufactures 3 different grow boxes that can be combined into larger grow rooms or uses by themselves. The Producer which is used for flowering clones, The Bloombox designed for the complete growing system and The Roomate which is a smaller version of the Producer. This Canadian company manufactures high grade medical aluminum grow boxes and supplies everything you need for a successful harvest.

The BloomBox

The BloomBox by BC Northern Lights is an all in one system that has a chamber for sprouting your plants and flowering your plants separately. The aluminum case is designed to be high quality, professional, easy to clean system. This particular design has won numerous awards from High Time Magazine.

BC Northern Lights also comes with customer service 7 days a week to help with setting up and growing question you may face. You can also upgrade your grow box purchase to come with more supplies and equipment.

The BloomBox comes with everything that you can think of to grow your cannabis plants like bulbs, carbon filters, air filtration systems, complete hydroponic systems and a lot more. It also has a lock system to make sure you plants stay safe/private.

The Producer

The Producer by BC Northern Lights is ideal for larger scale operations. What this system allows you to do is flower up to 18 clones at one time all in the same box. It has the same features as the BloomBox (minus the sprouting chamber) like a locking system, easy to clean aluminum design, air filtration system, complete hydro, etc. All intended for maximizing flowering plants.

The Roomate

The Roomate by BC Northern Lights is the smallest grow box they offer. Its a smaller version of the Producer, can grow up to 4 plants per box and designed to fit in smaller spaces. Like the other boxes from BC Northern Lights, it comes with many of the same features and capabilities… just in a smaller format.

Canna Closet

Canna Closet is a hydroponic greenhouse cabinet manufactured in Vancouver. BC. It comes with a full hydroponic systems , nutrients, growing medium and grow lights. Rather than having a hard shell exterior, the Canna Closet has a mylar tent wrapped outside which reflects heatWhile the design of the Seedo is on a different level than the Canna Closet, the Canna Closet is less than half the price and 20cm taller. Similar to the Seedo, it has an app that allows the user to control the grow operations from their phone (both iOS and Android).

The app allows you to create what they call “recipes” where you come up with a grow process that works really well, then you can save it and apply the recipe to other grow closets for consistency.

It also comes with a cannabis grow guide to help you grow your cannabis week by week basically walking you through the entire grow process.

Super Closet Grow Boxes

The following home grow boxes are by SuperCloset, which manufactures a variety of grow boxes, grow rooms and a variety of hydroponic equipment in San Francisco California. Super Closet has also won numerous awards for their designs on a variety of products.

Super Locker 8 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

When this grow box is closed, you might mistake it for a locker because it’s actually what it is. This is a professional marijuana growing equipment that will let you grow more plants in a single space. The Super Locker 8 has the things that your plants will ever need to let it grow stronger and yield more. The Super Locker has efficient LED lighting which will work best for six seedlings or two mature plants. It has a dual growing chamber so you can harvest your plants and grow a new set year after year.

It has supplementary wall lighting (vertical and horizontal lighting) and is a closed system so your plants can grow securely inside. And to control cannabis growing odor, this grow box also has an efficient carbon-activated odor control system.
Still, this grow box’s only disadvantage is that it is very small and will only be able to accommodate only a small number of plants.

SuperFlower 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

SuperCloset has created this LED grow cabinet to be the best LED and hydro grow cabinet. The main difference of this grow cabinet from other cabinets is that it is ideal for tall plants. It comes with a unique SuperPonics system that lets you grow plants 5 times faster and easier compared to regular grow boxes. It comes with a dual custom-made carbon filter that will reduce odors. It is completely automated with everything you need to start growing cannabis, veggies or herbs today.

The SuperFlower LED grow cabinet has a 3-year warranty and lifetime customer support. With this grow cabinet all you need to do is to refresh your water/nutrient reservoir, add nutrients, adjust water pH and watch your plants grow healthy.

The most obvious disadvantage of using this system is that it is small. It measures only 36” x 24”x 72” so this will only be able to accommodate only two to three adult plants. Another disadvantage is that the unit is large therefore it might get some attention.

The Superflower 3.0 has two options, soil or hydroponic. Hydroponic options are usually a better choice for growers who want to cultivate larger and taller cannabis strains. It has a proven system that will grow your plants up to 5 times faster and bigger. It is equipped with carbon filters, locking doors, automated hydroponic grow system and efficient HPS lighting. You won’t have to take chances of growing cannabis plants. It is known to be used by master growers and expert breeders.

Indeed the SuperFlower 3.0 is efficient but it is still small to house more plants. If you want to grow more plants then you must look for a larger and deeper grow box.

SuperNova LED Grow Cabinet

The SuperNova LED Grow Cabinet offers you a convenient way to grow cannabis almost anywhere. It is a cloning and germination grow chamber that is equipped with SuperPonic 8 site system that will let you accommodate mother plants for cloning. It comes with a dual custom carbon filters and locking doors so your grow cabinet will have no annoying odors and will be safe from prying eyes. The SuperNova uses an award-winning automated hydroponic grow system with all the necessary components for growing awesome yields.
This grow cabinet may only fit small plants and will work better off as a cloning chamber than a growing closet. It measures only 46” x 24” x 78” so it can only accommodate a small number of plants.

SuperNova als has the two options of choosing between a soil grow or hydroponic grow.

SuperLocker 3.0 Grow Cabinet

This grow cabinet will let you grow taller and larger plants. The SuperLocker 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet looks like a school locker, therefore, it will help you discretely grow cannabis. This is the smallest of the SuperCloset dual chamber grow cabinets but still, it can be the ideal clone and germination area.

The main chamber comes with the Kind LED grow light with separate cloning chambers.This grow cabinet has a white 6500k light ideal for seedlings, clones, mother plants, and vegging plants.

Like many of Super Closet’s products you have the option of adding a CO2 kit, a monitor, a stealth water filter or a complete germination package. At the time of writing this article they have a 21% discount on the system.

The SuperLocker 3.0 Grow Cabinet is ideal for smaller plants but is not good for larger and taller plants. Superlocker 3.0 has the option of HPS lights, LED lights and hydroponic or soil grows.

SuperBox Grow Kit

Looking for a compact growing cabinet that will completely automate your cannabis growing activity? The SuperBox CFL Soil Grow Cabinet is compact and can be used anywhere. It can grow fresh herbs, spices, and veggies too. This grow box may be tiny but it comes with all the components you need. It comes fully assembled, is quiet, safe and will stealthily grow your plants.

The SuperBox CFL Soil is indeed compact but is too small to grow more than three plants. It lacks reflecting sheets inside the box but nevertheless, you can install this on this grow box’s interior walls.

Deluxe 3.0 Grow Cabinet

This is a full service growing machine that you can use over and over again. This comes with a germination kit with eight 1 gallon soil pots in a cloning and germination chamber. This comes with the Trinity Grow System that will let you grow your plants with utmost confidence. Your plants will grow well under a 6500k fluorescent lighting in the cloning chamber and a 400w full spectrum digital bulb in the vegetative/flowering chamber to guarantee better yields.

This grow closet is still small for large plants but if you are growing small structured plants then this could be the ideal growing closet for you. It does not have a hydroponics setup therefore if this is the growing system you want, look for other growing cabinets instead.

Trinity 3.0 Grow Cabinet

The Trinity 3.0 HPS Soil Grow Cabinet is the ideal way to improve your yields because it offers a larger space to germinate and grow plants. It offers a dual cabinet system that will offer a perpetual cycle grow guaranteed for maximum output. It comes with dual custom carbon filters and locking doors. This is equipped with the award-winning Deluxe HPS Soil and SuperFlower HPS Soil cabinet. You also get everything you need like 1-gallon soil pots, 6500k fluorescent bulbs in the cloning chamber while a powerful 400w and 600w HPS full spectrum digital and dimming bulbs are found in the vegetative/flowering chamber.

This soil grows cabinet is ideal for growing smaller plants, germinating seeds and growing seedlings. However, the size is still not for larger plants and for growing more plants for more yields. You may hardly find space to train your plants inside as well.

SuperTrinity Grow Cabinet

Called the “Cadillac of Grow Cabinets” this grow cabinet is a three chamber, dual cabinet system that is designed for creating maximum outputs. You can use this to clone or geminate your cannabis plants. It has a dedicated vegetation chamber where you can transplant your seedlings in the flowering cabinet. It is equipped with an award-winning automated hydroponic system designed to grow your plants optimally from growing to flowering.

The SuperTrinity HPS Grow Cabinet has more space to germinate and grow plants. However, these chambers are still small to grow tall and wide plants. If you want to grow larger and taller plants then you must use a bigger grow cabinet.

These ten efficient grow boxes will surely help you grow cannabis plants stealthily at home or anywhere. These come in different designs and equipment with varying features. Study each feature so you will be able to find the ideal grow box that’s perfect for your needs.

Cannabis grow boxes are ideal for people wanting to grow at home. Be it a small stealth operation or larger grow there are a variety of grow cabinets available.