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Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke and Weed in 2020

If you don’t have much time, then check out the results of my Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette and Weed Smoke Odor below

Updated 25th August 2020

If you are a smoker or someone in your household smokes, you know how difficult it is to get rid of the unpleasant odors and toxins from your home. As you’re on this page, I’m assuming you also now know the benefits of buying an Air Purifier for Smoke removal.

Weed smokers suffer from the same problem as cigarette smokers do. However, Weed odor is even stronger than the smell of tobacco and since Marijuana is still taboo for many people, such a smell can cause problems with neighbors.

From all of my reviews, I picked the Best 8 air filters for weed smoke removal, which is typically considered the most odorous of all smoke related air problems.

As all these air purifiers are great at dealing with weed smoke, it also makes them the Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke and Cigar Smoke too.

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Best Air Purifier for Smoke Comparison Table

Alen Breathe-Smart Customizable Air Cleaner with HEPA-Pure Filter

Once more Alen wins another accolade. If you read some of our other pages, you can see that we have awarded it the gold in several other categories too.

I thought it was apt to also give it our award for the best air filter for smoke and weed odor too.

It’s not just us that consider Alen to be the top manufacturer in the market right now. They receive almost universal acclaim.

The reason the Breathe-smart is able to keep coming top in multiple categories, is because you can customize it to your needs. It comes with different add-on filter packs that tailor it to your specific requirements. For example, in the case of dealing with Smoke smells, you would want to buy the Odorcell addon, which costs around $30 extra..

The HEPA-OdorCell Filter technology is without question one of the best odor eating filters for smokers money can buy right now and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Especially those that have a rather large area to purify – as this Alen filter can work in massive spaces up to 1100 sq ft. So easily good enough to cover most basements or large living rooms.

It comes with sensors that are constantly checking the level of purification that your room needs, so that it can automatically adjust the filtration, so as to save power and filter replacement, while still cleaning your room air to the best standard.

The buttons are easy to use and also hidden out of the way behind the unit, to maintain that sleek look it has.

As we’ve stated in our main review, it comes with a huge array of front panel colors, so you are sure to find something that suits your homes interior decor.

This air purifier continues to get the best reviews from industry professionals and individual user reviews alike.

Read my full review of the Breathesmart here

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Air Purifier

I chose the Rabbit Air MinusA2 due to its 6-stage filtration system (which includes 2 odor removing filters), amazing high-tech design, a built-in ionizer, and a mood light option.

This used to be one of the more expensive air purifiers on the market, so here in August 2020, I’m happy to see they have reduced the price by almost $100. It was needed to be fair.

It is one of the most attractive air filters on the market, with stylish good looks that allows it to blend into the most elegant interiors. It can also be optionally wall mounted or kept in a corner and operated via the supplied remote control.

Its beauty is more than skin deep, as the Rabbit Air has advanced features in keeping with its premium pricing. This includes an extremely powerful six-stage filtration system, with an optional negative ionizer, that thoroughly cleans the smoke and other pollutants in the air.

A customized filter allows you to select from Germ Defense, Toxin Absorber, Odor Removal and Pet Allergy to deal with specific problem areas.

This model is exceptionally quiet and comes with mood lighting and an advanced sensor that increases fan speed when it detects smoke. It also has a light mode and automatically goes into sleep mode when the light is switched off, returning to auto operation when it comes on again.

    6-stage filtration system 5-year warranty Smart sensors Sleek design Quiet operation
    High price Not really capable of cleaning the room size manufacturer states, but 500sq ft is still very good for the size of this unit

Rabbit Air MinusA2 review conclusion

Overall, I’m fully satisfied with what the Air Minus A2 has to offer. The 6-stage filtration system is like heavy artillery in your fight against harmful particles and especially smoke.

I really liked the fact that this model has 2 separate filters specifically designed to deal with smoke and odors.

The only disadvantage is the price, however, I can say that the unit is worth the money you’ll be paying for it.

Besides offering high-quality protection, it’s also one of the quietest models I’ve reviewed. I would recommend this air purifier to people who deal with smoke on an everyday basis and are not afraid of high maintenance costs.

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

This is another air purifier that offers outstanding value for money.

It is also suitable for large rooms as it can clean spaces of up to 350 sq. ft., purifying the air twice every hour.

Its powerful 5 stage filter process ensures that smoke and other odors are nullified and all pollutants are removed. The purification system includes a cold catalyst filter, an antibacterial filter and a cellular activated carbon filter. The system also has a true HEPA filter, which is vital for dealing with smoke, and an ozone safe ionizer that can be switched off – a useful feature for those who have birds or prefer not to have negative ions in their home.

The Hathaspace comes with an air quality sensor that provides readings of air quality in real time, allowing you to be warned in time if there are any excess contaminants in the air.

In Auto mode, the unit also adjusts the fan speed to deal with bad air. A remote control allows easy operation and the Sleep mode not only reduces noise levels,but also turns off all the lights in the unit to give you a good night’s rest.

    Outstanding value Suitable for larger rooms Powerful purification system Excellent customer service
    Can be noisy Lacks quality feel

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

This purifier is designed for medium to large rooms and comes with many unique features.

These include the manufacturer’s propriety PlasmaWave technology. Although Winix claims this does not produce ozone, it does in fact produce a tiny amount of it. However, this function can be turned off if this concerns you.

The PlasmaWave does effectively breakdown smoke, odors and other pollutants. This barrier is one part of the 3-stage filtration system which includes a HEPA filter and a carbon filter.

The carbon filter is washable, ensuring that it can be used for a longer period before it needs to be replaced.

The Winix also has 4 fans speeds and is CADR rated to purify rooms up to 360 sq. ft. in size.

Smart sensors allow it to monitor air quality with LED indicators warning users when the air quality is bad.

The Filter Replacement Indicator lets users know when the filter needs to replaced.

In Auto mode, the unit automatically adjusts fan speed to deal with smoke and other pollutants. In Sleep mode, the unit automatically reduces fan speed based on the amount of ambient light, allowing users to have a peaceful night’s rest.

    Suitable for medium and large rooms Innovative PlasmaWave technology 4-speed fan
    Bulky appearance Dubious marketing claims

LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-PUR131

An air purifier specifically designed for large rooms, the Levoit LV-PUR131 boasts a special high efficiency filtration system that allows it to change the air in a 350 sq. ft. room an incredible 4.5 times an hour.

It is able to do this thanks to an advanced purification system which includes a pre-filter, a honeycomb carbon filter and true HEPA filter.

Levoit air purifiers are also completely ozone free and do not have a UV-C light or ionizers that can have a negative effect on children and asthmatics.

The LV-PUR131 is also capable of using a unique smart algorithm to calculate the life of the filter based on its real time usage, enabling the user to obtain a more accurate estimate of when it will be time to change the filter.

This energy star rated model also comes in a Wi-Fi enabled version that can be controlled via the internet and using Amazon Alexa.

It has a sensor that automatically changes fan speed based on air quality and a sleep mode where it operates exceptionally quietly.

    Specially designed to efficiently clean large rooms Extremely quiet operation in sleep mode Quiet operation Ozone free
    Rather bulky

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

This purifier is extremely compact and is specially designed for smaller rooms of up 175 sq. ft. where it can clean the air 5 times in one hour.

Befitting a unit that will be used predominately in the bedroom, the unit is exceptionally quiet in operation.

The Blue Pure is energy star rated and uses polypropylene filter media which gives it superior efficiency in cleaning air while producing less noise.

It comes with two washable pre-filters in different colors which can be changed to match the users’ décor. Grey and dark blue filters are supplied and owners can buy additional colors to match their rooms.

The purification system also includes a True HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon filter, so it can effectively deal with smoke, pet dander, dust and other contaminants commonly found in bedrooms and other small rooms.

The Blue Pure comes with a 3-speed fan will the lowest setting allowing virtually silent operation. It also has an Auto mode and a Sleep mode. While the unit is perfect for the room, its LED indicator cannot be turned off which might affect those sensitive to light.

    Small unit with interchangeable filters Very quiet operation Quiet operation Highly efficient
    Only suitable for small rooms LED indicators cannot be switched off

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

The LV-H132 is one of the most affordable models on the market and is an excellent choice for someone looking for a small purifier for the bedroom. And once again as we update this article in august 2020, they have reduced the price once again! Well under $100 now, and keeps getting lower. When we first looked at this little unit, it was $145!

It is extremely compact and attractive, enabling it to blend into small rooms, where it is most effective. It has a highly effective 3-strage filtration system that includes a pre filter, true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

Obviously, you are not going to get everything at this price point and this model lacks certain features that can be found in more expensive purifiers.

For example, the pre filter cannot be washed and must be replaced every six to nine months, along with the activated carbon filter. Fortunately, all three filters are sold as a set, so they can be easily replaced.

All the same, you will be changing the filter more often than in a model that has washable filters.

Also, the only sensor is one that warns that filters need to be replaced, so you won’t find Auto mode or Sleep mode as in many other sensors. However, for those who don’t require those features and are looking for a cost effective purifier for a small room, the LV-H132 remains an excellent choice.

    Low price Effective and efficient Small and discreet
    Only suitable for small rooms Filters aren’t washable

While the health benefits of purifiers are undeniable, many people don’t enjoy the benefits of using these devices because they don’t choose the right model that meets their requirements.

On top of this, some manufacturers use creative marketing to make their technology sound better than it actually is, and a fair number of them sell their models at a lower cost, making their profits by charging an extortionate amount for the replacement filter.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind when buying an air purifier to remove smoke.

Factor in the cost of replacement filters – When purchasing, keep in mind the cost of replacing the filters when you are considering purchase price. Often the filter will have to be replaced every six months, making it a significant factor in maintenance cost.

It may seem like a good idea to buy a purifier with washable filters, but bear in mind that washing is only partially effective and often doesn’t remove pollen, dust and other contaminants. Washing, therefore, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to eventually replace your filters.

Make sure that the air purifier has an a true HEPA filter – In order to capture the tiny particles and contaminants that affect people’s health from smoke, your air purifier should have a true HEPA filter. These filters, which are designed to a standard developed by the US government, are able to capture particles up to 0.3 microns in size, making it an essential part of an air purifier’s purification system.

Buy an air purifier with a Comprehensive Warranty – A good warranty is a sign of the confidence the manufacturer has in its own products. If you are buying a model from a reputable brand, you’ll probably find that it has a warranty of several years.

Ideally, the warranty should be for at least 3 to 5 years and include the unit’s motor. If the warranty is shorter, it could well be a sign that the product is not of very good quality.

Choose the model that fits your room size – A key aspect to consider when buying an air cleaner is the room size it will be used in.

In order to clean the air, the purifier’s motor should be able to move the air in and out of the unit. Therefore, it should have sufficient power to move all the air in the room at least a few times each hour.

Make sure that the unit you buy is rated to work in your room. While most purifiers will be adequate for small and medium sized rooms, you will need a powerful one to service the larger rooms in your house. Similarly, if all you require is the air in a small room to be cleared, there is no need to go to the expense of buying a large model.

Note that the purifier is never going to be completely silent. This is because the purification process involves the movement of air, so even if the mechanical parts of the purifier are silent, you will still hear air passing through the machine. In fact, if the unit is completely silent, it is a sign that it’s not working properly.

Air purifiers use a number of methods to clean the air. Most modern purification systems combine several types of filters for optimum performance. Some products even have unique, proprietary technology to achieve superior results.

Quality air purifiers usually have all of the common features listed below:

    HEPA filters: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters or HEPA filters are designed to catch and filter our particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. Originally created by the US government, these filters consist of a layer of arranged fibers. These fibers are of varying diameter and are usually made of fiberglass. True HEPA filter, so named because they meet the standard specified by the US government, have an efficiency rating that specifies the number of particles it can remove from the air that passes through it. HEPA filters use a combination of mechanisms to achieve their results: diffusion, impaction, inertial impaction and electrostatic attraction. As these filters are used to trap the smallest particles, they are typically used with pre-filters to increase filter life.

As you can see, there are a variety of technologies that you can choose from when selecting an air purifier. If you are buying a purifier primarily to deal with smoke, make sure that the model you choose has the filtration technology to adequately deal with the problem.

Are Air Purifiers Effective for Smoke Removal?

Studies show that one of the best ways to deal with smoke pollution is to use an air purifier. However, not all of them are created equal. An air purifier designed to tackle mold spores, might not be as capable at fighting pollen, allergens, and pet dander. Likewise only some can take care of smoke and the odor it causes. So unfortunately, you can’t just go for the most popular air purifier and be done. In the case of smoke related problems, you need to do a spot of research into the brands and what to look for in order to find a suitable air purifier that can reduce or even eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke.

Air purifiers are particularly useful if you have vulnerable people in your house, such as pregnant women, children and the sick and elderly who are more susceptible to respiratory ailments and other illnesses associated with poor air quality. In some cases, it has been found that the air quality indoors can be worse than the air outside, highlighting the importance of utilizing an air purifier.

You don’t have to be a cigar or cigarette smoker to deal with the problems that come with smoke-polluted air. Many people suffer from the smoke that comes from fireplaces or forest fires among a host of other reasons. So if you own a fireplace or live in a place with high wildfire frequency, you should still consider investing in a good smoke air purifier.

What type of Filters should an air purifier for smoke have?

The best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal must have a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

A Carbon filter is a key part of the smokers air purifer as it’s tasked with the initial filtering the odors and contaminants associated with smoking before the HEPA filter finishes the job. Typically the unfiltered air is pushed through a compressed active carbon bed that sifts out any unwanted impurities by using chemical adsorption. No other element is as capable of this as carbon..due to it’s unique properties.

When used together, Carbon filters and HEPA filters form a great partnership that can eradicate up to 99% of all smoke related contaminants.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Smoke particles have been shown to be among the most dangerous of all airborne pollutants commonly found in our homes. Small particles created by cigarette,cigar and cannabis smoke adhere to the surfaces in your home, including furniture, bedding, curtains, shelves, and pillows. They stay there, emitting unpleasant odors that are almost impossible to get rid of with regular air filters.

Why is it important to get rid of Cigarette Smoke?

The harmful effects of smoke has been well documented, as it can often lead to heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other forms of cancer, and numerous other extremely serious health conditions.

However, cigarette smoke is not just harmful to smokers. Second hand smoke can be just as deadly to nonsmokers and can still lead to coronary problems.

Secondhand smoke is particularly harmful to infants and children as it can lead to sudden infant death syndrome, more severe attacks of asthma and respiratory diseases among other health issues.

Pregnant women are also particularly vulnerable to the effects of smoke.

It is extremely important, therefore, that all traces of cigarette smoke are completely removed from homes.

Can an air purifier completely remove Cigarette Smoke?

Many modern air purifiers are capable of getting rid of cigarette smoke almost completely. This is despite the fact that most people buy air purifiers for other purposes, such as getting rid of pet dander or dealing with dust and allergens.

Microscopic elements can be caught by most purifiers. In contrast, smoke consists of both harmful particles and gases that carry the odor of smoke. Since most nonsmokers find this smell objectionable and want to get rid of it, it is vital to find an air cleaner that can deal with both problems.

Such air purifiers must have both a true HEPA and an activated carbon filter.

How are air purifiers designed to filter cigarette smoke?

The better air purifiers filter cigarette smoke in two ways, using a true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

The true HEPA filter is an exceptionally fine filter that is capable of capturing molecules up to 0.3 microns in diameter. This ensures that most of the smoke particles are removed from the air.

In addition, to completely remove the smoke, the air should be passed through an activated carbon filter. These filters consist of unique carbon which has extremely fine spores. These spores are able to trap the tiny odor molecules that are found in tobacco smoke.

While these are the most effective methods of removing smoke, other methods used include ozone and ionizers.

How can you reduce the smell of Smoke?

While air purifiers can eliminate the smell of smoke, it takes time to work and may not be completely effective if there are many smokers in the house.

There are several simple things that you can try to help your air purifier remove tobacco smoke from your house:

    Cut some apples and leave them in the room; the apples will absorb the smoke and, as an added bonus, the room will smell of apples Put baking soda in a smoke filled room and vacuum the next day. Charcoal is also effective in removing persistent odors

What is the best way to reduce the effects of cigarette smoke in the home?

Some of the ways of reducing the harmful effects of cigarette smoke include reducing the amount of tobacco used when smoking.

Alternatively, less toxic alternative can be tried by smokers such as nicotine patches, gum or electronic cigarettes.

What is the outdoor Air Quality Index (AQI) and what does each of the colors mean?

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is used to measure air quality and give the general public a guide as to when they need to take precautions. The AQI has six different categories, identified by different colors:

    Green: Air quality is good Yellow: Air quality is moderate. Very sensitive people should consider reducing outdoor activity Orange: Air quality is unsuitable for sensitive individuals. Those who have respiratory ailments, such as asthma, should restrict outdoor activity Red: Air quality is unhealthy. Individuals with respiratory diseases should avoid outdoor exposure. Other people should restrict outdoor activity Purple: Air quality is very unhealthy. Children and individuals with respiratory problems must refrain from going outdoors while others should limit outdoor activity as much as possible Maroon: Air is toxic. Everyone must avoid outdoor exposure

Is third hand smoke dangerous?

People can suffer smoke related health complications if they come into contact with substances that contain third hand smoke.

Infants and very young children are particularly vulnerable to third hand smoke exposure due to their tendency to touch and swallow objects that have been tainted with smoke.

How long does smoke stay in a room?

Smoke can remain in the room for up to 2 to 3 hours, even when there is a window open. Furthermore, even if smoking is restricted to one room, the smoke can spread to the other rooms and affect the people who are in them.


When it comes time to chose an air purifier for cigarette smoke or any other form of smoke for that matter, it’s vital you get one with a charcoal filter. No other type of filter is as good at dealing with strong smoke odors. Next, make sure your smoke purifier has a true HEPA filter. This is the workhorse of any good air purifier and will be tasked with removing even the tiniest molecules of the smoke. By the time this filter has done it’s job, the air in your home will be completely toxin free.

You also need to make sure that the machine is big enough to service the size of your room you require it to clean. Check out our guide on cadr ratings to make sure you fully understand how the size ratings work.

In conclusion, I really hope our reviews on air purifiers for smoke has helped you decide on a suitable machine, if not feel free to get in contact to ask any further questions.

This article was written by Fin Tatello – check out his author bio here

A complementary guide on the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke removal in 2020. Be it cigarette, cigar or weed smoke, check our air filter reviews

Our Buyer’s Guide To The Best Air Purifier For Weed Smoke Including Cigarettes & Cigars Too!

Table of Contents

Please note: Information and technical specifications used for the reviews in this guide was obtained from the publications below on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, Indoor Environments Division’s website.

If you smoke or live with a smoker, you’ll almost certainly face the dilemma of smoke and odors inside the home.

Even smokers who make a habit of going outside might be driven in by inclement weather.

It can lead to a tough choice between a happy smoker and an odor-free home.

But what if you didn’t have to make that choice?

Did you know that air purification technology has been proven effective at reducing particularite matter in homes with a smoker? (source)

Today, we’ll guide you through a selection of the latest & best air purifiers for smoke so you can determine whether you can cut through the smoke and smell in your house.

There are literally 100’s of air purifiers you can buy online and the seemingly endless options can confuse even the most savviest of shoppers.

So we did the homework for you and reviewed 9 of the BEST air purifiers you can find online to tackle the job of ridding your home of smoke and you can finally have house that smells good!

We broke them down into the top 3 based on the size of the room (large/open floor plan, medium and small) you want to remove cigarette, cigar or even marijuana smell from.

These air purifying devices are the perfect investment for your home while you are living there and will make it a lot easier for you to sell your house down the road.

Because having a fresh and clean smelling home is a critical step when preparing your home for sale.

Running an air purifier means you will not have to go through the large effort of manually removing smoke smell out of your home.

Best Air Purifier For Smoke Reviews

We’ll launch into the main event now with a actionable review of nine of the best air purifiers on the market split across three categories.

But keep in mind, these are the top 3, the best of the best and the difference between #1 and #3 is minimal.

You can’t go wrong with any of these picks, just decide which one has the features your are looking for in your home!

With each of these units, we’ll start by presenting the basic stats so you can determine type, square footage, and CADR rating at a glance.

Large Room and Open Floor Plan Coverage Area

#1 Recommendation: Coway AirMega 400 Air Purifier
Filter Type Square Foot Coverage CADR Rating
HEPA + Carbon 1560 square feet 350

The first air purifier on our list is a powerhouse and it undeniably works extremely well and is efficient, if you have a large smoky space that needs serious attention.

This air purifier will automatically turns itself on when it detects even the slightest impurities, and will QUICKLY and QUIETLY eliminate smoke odors and other bad air.

Many cheaper purifiers work just fine up to a point, but they won’t be able to effectively work large spaces and they lack the level of engineering and technology available from the Coway AirMega 400.

So if you choose to invest in this high quality purifier, you should get many, many years of air purifying performance out of this unit.

This tech-driven model, alerts you to the air quality in your room with an LED ring that lights up to show you how good or bad the air is in real time.

This model will take care of purifying the smoke in the air with it’s four high quality filters.

You’ll get a pair of washable pre-filters, an activated carbon filter ideal for eliminating the smell of smoke, and a true green HEPA-rated filter to catch even the tiniest pathogens.

With the HEPA filter working to suck away 99.97% of those miniature airborne pollutants and the charcoal filter getting rid of 99% of the noxious VOCs in cigarette smoke.

There is no doubt that this air purifier will leave your home without any smoke smells.

For the tech savvy buyer, you can purchase the “S” model, which includes WiFi connectivity with an intuitive iOS and Android app that renders your smart phone into a remote control.

You can toggle between Auto, Eco, and Sleep modes from a distance while monitoring the air quality and the status of the filters.

The app also has the capability to easily set a schedule for your air purifier to run according to what you think is best.

Also the “S” model is Alexa enabled to allow you to control the air purifier with your voice, pretty cool!

If you’re looking for an air purifier for a smoke-riddled house with some really cool technology included, this quiet and efficient AirMega is our stand-out recommendation.

#2 Recommendation: Rabbit Air MinusA2 HEPA Air Purifier
Filter Type Square Foot Coverage CADR Rating
HEPA + Carbon 815 square feet 193

Coming in second for a large space that needs purifying, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is another incredibly capable unit.

From cigarette and cigar smoke to the pungent whiff of medical marijuana or the unwelcome smells from your pets, this combined HEPA and carbon purifier makes light work of any odor in its path.

A six-stage filtration system is set up to foil all the smells and irritating pathogens that shower off the end of your cigarette.

There’s a washable permanent pre-filter, a medium filter, true HEPA filter, carbon filter and negative ion generator, giving you the best of all categories in one fantastic package.

The added touch is being able to customize the fourth stage of filtration.

You can choose from a germ defense filter, pet allergy filter, toxic absorber filter and odor remover filter so you can fine-tune things accordingly.

Obviously, for smoke removal you will want the odor remover filter.

This combination of filters all come together to practically guarantee a smoke-free home without anyone needing to scurry outside in the rain to smoke.

This purifier has five speeds and even at the high end, it still runs with very little noise, so it won’t be distracting when it runs or perfect for any light sleepers.

Perhaps the most unique feature, is that you can even mount this purifier on the wall but you don’t have to, you can leave it freestanding too.

Either freestanding or mounted, the lights on this air purifier make for a sleek and cool display.

It is equipped with LED mood lights on the front panel, which can be turned on to produce a soothing spectrum of colors.

If the room is bright, your LEDs will stay on, but if the room is dark for more than three minutes, they will turn off.

But you can adjust how they react in the settings.

This air purifier also has an upgraded “N” model you can purchase that will allow you to connect to your WiFi network and control from anywhere with the Rabbit Air App but it is currently only available for Apples iOS devices.

The app allows you to remotely control the settings, set a schedule and change the mood light modes.

There’s a rock solid five-year warranty with 24/7 support in place showing you how much faith the manufacturer puts in this rugged appliance.

#3 Recommendation: Alen BreathSmart Air Purifier
Filter Type Square Foot Coverage CADR Rating
HEPA + Proprietary Filter 1100 square feet 300

Last but by no means least in this list of recommended purifiers for large areas is another highly effective model, this time from Alen, a highly respected company in the air purifier industry.

There is no WiFi connectivity or iOS & Android app for this unit like the above two but if that is not a feature you are looking for than this is a VERY well engineered air purifier.

Alen’s website boasts that this is the quietest, most powerful air purifier in the world.

One feature that makes this unit different from the competition is that it is available in 15 striking finishes that you can pick out.

This guarantees that there’s something to mesh with any color scheme in your home and is perfect for people who have to customize to their exact taste.

You can opt for the regular style or you can focus on pet odors or household chemicals, so you get the right approach in place for your particular problem.

The HEPA FreshPlus filter can’t be beaten when it comes to wicking away those microscopic contaminants.

There are four of these proprietary filter variants, so if you also want to combat the smell of smoke, opt for the HEPA-OdorCell and you’ll soon be sniffing gloriously fresh air.

Alen’s support said their odor removing filters don’t contain charcoal but a proprietary filter that is like baking soda on steroids!

And we agree! It works great for getting rid of cigarette smells in your home.

This model even works well with much larger spaces, so you’ll be safe to purify areas well over 1000 square feet without spending a fortune.

Alen has intelligent sensor technology that lights up to always let you know the status of the air quality around you with a quick glance at the unit.

And when it’s bedtime it can switch to lights-off mode to cleans the air without disturbing your sleep.

Have you ever had an air purifier so noisy you were limited to using the lower settings?

There’s no such need with the Alen and you’ll be able to run it at full clip while basking in its whisper-quiet nature.

Don’t get us wrong, it is not silent, none of them are. But this machine has a gentle soothing white noise quality to it.

With exceptional airflow and a wide range of choices so you can really tweak air purification to your requirements, the Alen BreathSmart is a smart option if you have a budget that allows for the highest quality and you want all smoke and odors removed from your home.

We did the homework for you and reviewed 9 of the BEST air purifiers you can find online to tackle ridding your home of smoke and keep it smelling fresh.