best way to keep pot fresh

Best Way to Keep Marijuana Fresh

Who likes smoking parched weed? I bet you don’t, do you? As soon as dry weed hits your throat, it will instantly make you cough. This is why it’s important to know the best way to keep marijuana fresh.

According to the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, weed can remain fresh for up to 2 years if you cure and store it properly. Of course, the best way to keep your cannabis will depend on your resources and the weather conditions.

Marijuana storage involves keeping it fresh and away from natural enemies such as damp conditions, proximity to a light source, and diseases like molds. In short, you should ensure that you store your weed in a dry, dark, and cool place.

Let’s dive in further to know how to store marijuana the right way and keep it fresh.

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Things to Avoid When Storing Marijuana

First, here are a few things that you should avoid to ensure that your weed remains fresh for long:

  • Do not keep weed in plastic bags.
  • Do not freeze marijuana.
  • Do not roughly handle pot.
  • Do not keep marijuana in the refrigerator.
  • Do not keep weed in aluminum foil or paper.
  • Do not keep pot above heat sources such as a stove.
  • Things to Protect Your Weed From

You need to store your marijuana properly in order to protect it from:

  • Air – Excessive oxygen can easily speed up the degradation of your pot.
  • Moisture – Moisture will add mold to your weed. Hence, you need to keep your herbs dry.
  • Temperature –High temperature will evaporate terpenes and dry out the buds.

Preserving Your Marijuana

Signs of incorrectly stored marijuana are a crumbly, dry, and stiff weed that smells and burns like paper. Pot from right storage is rich in resin, fragrance, as well as cannabinoids. Properly stored weed will also burn slowly.

Dry, Dark, Glass – Air Tight Jar

This is the most affordable and the best way to properly keep your marijuana for months. Choose a glass container that will allow you to completely stuff the jar with the intact buds to leave little air space.

Plastic shouldn’t be an option. As we said, never stuff your pot in plastic if you intend to store it for months. Plastic exposes the pot to degradation by air, temperature, and light fluctuations.

In addition, plastic can leech the estrogen mimic, BPA, into marijuana. We all want to avoid that, don’t we?

Hence, choose a glass container that seals-well, leaving no fumes or air capable of leaking in or out. These types of containers are usually used for preserving produces and the effective sealing of the jar is what keeps your weed fresh.

A glass jar comes in handy since it will preserve the original flavor of the marijuana as well as the therapeutic plant-medicines and original moisture. Once you seal the jar and clean it, you should start to detect the fragrance of marijuana.

Now your marijuana is safely inside a jar, what’s the next step?

Find a dry and cool surface to place your glass jar. A drawer or cabinet is a great choice.

Of important, choose an area that doesn’t experience lots of temperature variations that can easily reduce the freshness of the weed. Also, there shouldn’t be light since it can make the TCH fall down.

Important Note: When you consume some of the marijuana, stuff the remaining one in a smaller jar.

Use Weed Humidor

You should consider using a marijuana humidor when storing your weed. A cannabis humidor is a wooden, mahogany, jar that helps to maintain the perfect humidity and provides an attractive way to keep your pot.

For instance, you can choose a Cannador jar. Cannador is a stylish and famous brand that makes different types of weed humidors that can keep your weed fresh.

You shouldn’t use a tobacco humidor or any other humidor since the used wood might be a bad choice for storing marijuana. Some woods, such as cedar, can easily transfer odors and oils which is ideal for tobacco, but harmful for your marijuana.

Use Bevode Packs

You can take a further step and store your marijuana in Bevode packs. The packs use water and salts absorbent material that will maintain a specified level of humidity in your pot.

Bevode packs, combined with weed humidor, are a great way to keep your marijuana fresh for months. The Boveda pack will add moisture when the weed gets too dry and absorb moisture when the humidity is high.

In Conclusion

The right way to keep marijuana fresh is to keep it in a glass jar in a dry, cool, and dark place. This will ensure that you have a fresh bud that is ready for your hungry mouth.

Also, you can use weed humidor to keep your marijuana fresh for long. You don’t need to consume your weed at once.

Who likes smoking parched weed? I bet you don’t, do you? As soon as dry weed hits your throat, it will instantly make you cough. This is why it’s important to know the best way to keep marijuana fresh.