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5 Best White Widow Seeds

Submitted by Johnny on Wed, 22/11/2017 – 11:24


White Widow has been consistently amongst the most popular cannabis seeds on the planet. As a result, many breeders have produced their own version of the same strain, meaning that there are now a whole bunch of White Widow seeds for you to choose between.

Here at Cannabis Seeds Store we sell many seeds from different seed banks, One of our top selling seed is White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds. Here is our Top 5 List of Seed banks that sell this highly recommended weed seed.

This feminised strain is waiting patiently to bring your wildest cannabis fantasies to life with tantalizing yields and non-stop power strong enough to leave the Energizer bunny gasping for breath!

Female Seeds White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seed is a tempting improvement over standard Widows. Still white as snow, this feminised version has a strong Indica lean, uniform results and sky-high yields.

Seedsman White Widow Feminised Seeds beans shine in any environment, any setup and with any level of experience. beginner-friendly, utterly reliable and simply brilliant – this is one purchase you will not regret! Don’t be fooled by imitations – this is the genuine White Widow strain, a Sativa-dominant mix of Indian & Brazilian breeding stock that are so authentic they don’t even have hyped up names.

When Dinafem introduced Cannabis Seeds Store to White Widow Seeds, we were so blown away by her frostiness, resiny arms and sweet & sour flavour that he carried her over the threshold! He shortly found out that, like most widows, she likes the indoors. And when we saw her loads and loads of white-as-white trichomes, the big ape realized how she got her name.

Dutch Passion’s White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a winner of countless harvest festivals and Cup competitions, White Widow is a real thoroughbred! Known for a strong, pungent fragrance and soaring peaks, she never disappoints! A delectable mix of Indian and Brazilian genetics, White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds always tops the best-seller list with monster yields of the highest quality. Although this femme fatale is intense, she still provides an easy-going nature that puts beginners on an even playing field with the experts. Suitable for any environment, you just can’t go wrong with Dutch Passion White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds

This GreenHouse Seeds special White Widow Feminised is the perfect mix of Brazilian and South Indian genetics designed to tantalize both old-school connoisseurs and bright-eyed newbs. If you’re not careful when White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds weaves her next spell, this bad girl will claim you as her next victim – what a way to go!

Theres your top 5 White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds From Our 5 Seed banks, Now why not try for yourself and buy yours here with us at Cannabis Seeds Store

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