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5 best Minecraft seeds for villages

Any Minecraft player knows how essential villages are in the game. They are usually filled with treasure to loot and natural resources to grab. Getting a spawn near a village right at the beginning of the game can be such a blessing. You can find chests full of armor, enchantment books, golden apples, obsidian, and even diamonds to help you with your game.

Seeds can be a great way to control where you spawn, which means that the use of the right seed can land you exactly where you will find a resource-rich village. In this article, we list out the five best Minecraft seeds that you can use to find the best villages.

Five best Minecraft seeds for villages

1) Mineshafts under Village

Seed Code: 94454061

Abandoned mineshafts are a sure-shot sign of the availability of great minerals like lapis lazuli, gold, or even diamonds. That’s why spawning near this beautiful savanna village can be an easy way to be set for resources early on in the game.

The village has many mineshafts, along with a few treasure chests, and plenty of iron ore and coal to get you started on your adventure.

2) Double Village and Pyramid

Seed Code: -1881547168

This Minecraft seed makes the player spawn near not one, but two villages with lots of material to find. One of the villages also has a decent mineshaft with a few treasure chests and ores.

If you move away from the village towards the desert area, you will end up at a pyramid or desert temple, where there are a few chests that contain golden apples, saddles, enchanted books, and more.

3) Taiga Village over Cave System

Seed Code: 2146942512

This particular Minecraft seed will make sure the player spawns in a Taiga biome, very close to a village that is built above an extensive cave system. Caves are the best friends of every player.

When you go down into the cave system, not only do you find plenty of iron ore and coal to make armor, weapons, and tools, but you also come across rarer minerals. You must explore the cave fully as you might even find yourself a few diamonds.

4) Forest Village destroyed by Zombies

Seed Code: 1028438881

This Minecraft seed is perfect for players who want a challenging survival experience. You spawn near a village that has been ravaged by zombies and skeletons. The village is in a degraded condition but still manages to provide enough resources for you to gather fresh supplies.

But beware, there will be plenty of zombies and skeletons coming your way during the night.

5) Island Village and Shipwreck

Seed Code: -573947210

This particular Minecraft seed is beneficial for players who want to stack up on resources early on in the game. The player spawns on an island with a village that contains all the necessary resources you need to start your adventure.

Right off the coast, however, lies the best-buried treasure that you can find inside a conveniently placed shipwreck. You even find a treasure map in the wreck, leading you to even better loot hidden on the island.

Villages in Minecraft are a great place to find a lot of treasure and loot. Here are the 5 best Minecraft seeds to use if you want to spawn near villages.

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Huge Village Minecraft 1.8 Seed

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Founded By: Zelora

8897460229726541328 Generated in 1. 8 Pre using no mods (some sort of bug perhaps?) Coords: X: 485 Z: 764

You must use 1. 8 Pre-Release For This To Work Because Link Is Broken

In total:
There are 3056 structures in the village, counting wells and barns and such.

Those structures consist of 2103496 bricks.
Those structures can house up to 17657 NPCs.
Those structures amount to one seventeenth of the entire world area.
I spent all of 76 hours counting structures, calculating the number of bricks and sustainable NPCs, and double-checking my work.

The world area statistic was calculated using the finite area HTML code given by Notch to a private forum. Don’t doubt me.

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