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Blueberry weed has a long and distinguished heritage dating back to the late 1970s when it was first created in the Netherlands. In 2000, it won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup overall rankings as well as first in the Indica section, going on to take third place in the overall 2001 Cup. This strain is a hybrid of Thai and Oaxacan plants with 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa.

As soon as you take a puff on this weed you’ll understand its name. Strong fruity flavors predominate with blueberry tones to the forefront, while the aroma combines fruit and skunk notes. The intense, euphoric stone can last as long as four hours. Medical dispensaries prescribe the Blueberry strain for muscular pain relief, stress and nausea.

The plants grow to about one metre and display a thick, bushy shape. The large calyxes have tight buds which are dusted with a white coating of crystals when mature. The plant starts out with a reddish hue which changes to purple as it grows. This is a potent weed with a THC content of around 20 percent.

Blueberry seeds are definitely best used for indoor growth, although, you may have some success outdoors if you live somewhere with a subtropical or tropical climate. Indoors, the plant responds well to both the SCROG and SOG methods with hydroponics and skilled growers can expect yields of up to 500 grams per square metre. Flowering time is around eight to 10 weeks.

This old-school plant is a good choice for the skilled cultivator who will be rewarded with the highly potent Blueberry weed and its delightful taste.

Comprehensive review of Blueberry weed, a Cannabis Cup winner that suits connoisseurs and experienced growers due to its high potency and fruity taste.

Tips for growing Blueberry cannabis

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Strain overview: Blueberry is a West Coast staple created by breeder DJ Short, who crossed a variety of landrace strains including Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani. A distinct and alluring blueberry aroma has given this strain quite a reputation, and growers worldwide have coveted the genetics for their own breeding projects. Its dreamy indica effects pair perfectly with relaxing activities or as a nightcap before bed.

Grow techniques: Blueberry really shines outdoors. Start this strain early in your greenhouse and be ready to plant after last frost. Amend your soil with quality nutrients and watch your Blueberry plants take off. Top your plants to help create a bush shape which will increase the yields. Stay on top of pruning the inside of the plants to prevent powdery mildew from taking over.

Flowering time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: High

Grow difficulty: Easy

Climate: Mild climates between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Blueberry can handle colder nighttime temperatures without it affecting the yield significantly.

Indoor/outdoor: Grow Blueberry outdoors to see what the plant can do under the natural sun. It can handle colder/northern climates and will produce its best buds when grown outside.

Feeding: As with most outdoor growing, you can prepare the soil with most of the nutrients your plants will need before they are in the ground. As the plant enters flowering, top dress your soil with worm castings and bat guano to help the buds take off.

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