cannabis infusion

Cannabis Infusion

In this article we’re going to talk about how to make a cannabis infusion, a recipe that can be a great help during these cold winter months, allowing you to get release from cold symptoms and the like. With this simple infusion you can get the best out of all of cannabis’s many wonderful properties, regardless of whether you’re looking for a medicinal or recreational high – you’re guaranteed a perfect relaxing sensation.

You can do this with either buds or leaves from your trimmings, as both of them contain THC which is the substance that provokes the plant’s psychoactive effect. There’s a higher THC presence in the flowers than there is in the leaves, so if you want to make this infusion without using flowers you’ll need to use more leaves, the more resinous the better.

It’s important to know that this infusion is prepared with milk and water, as THC can’t dissolve in water.

  • A glass of water
  • A half glass of milk
  • 5-1g of cannabis buds or 2-3g of resinous leaves
  • Sugar or honey

How to make a cannabis infusion

First, you need to boil water, add in the cannabis and mix extremely slowly for 10 minutes. This is done to get all dirt and chlorophyll from the flowers or the leaves, which if left untreated could give the infusion a terrible taste. This is done to clean your weed completely so that the infusion has a nice, full cannabis-like flavor.

Once your weed is clean, you’ll need to place another pot where you’ll be making the actual infusion. Like we’ve said before in previous recipes, THC hates water but loves fatty substances, which is why it needs things like milk or butter to actually become infused. You need to measure the amount of water you add, as it needs to be around one third or half of the amount of milk.

Once the contents start to boil you need to lower the heat to the lowest; if the temperature gets too hot the THC might begin degrading, and you will end up with an infusion that hardly has any effects. Add in your weed, flowers or leaves, and leave it on low heat during 10 minutes.

After those 10 minutes it’s time to filter your infusion through a sieve to get the weed out of it and let it sit for a few minutes, as it will still be too hot to taste properly. Lastly, add a bit of honey and sugar to taste and your infusion is ready.

If you want to drink it while it’s cold, just let it reach room temperature and then stick it in the fridge – don’t put it in the fridge when it’s still hot as this could alter the contents due to the dramatic change in temperature.

You need to be careful with the dosage though, as cannabis ingested orally takes much longer to have any effect; around 1-2 hours. When smoked, your body is only receiving 15% of the THC in the weed, whereas when you eat it you can absorb up to 40%. So, you’re going to need to stay patient if you think that you’ve taken enough but you still don’t feel stoned, because if you take too much when it eventually hits you it could have very negative consequences.

Author: Luis Picazo
Translation: Ciara Murphy

Learn how to make an amazing cannabis infusion, perfect for these cold winter months and useful for fighting cold symptoms!