cannabis preflowers

What do pre flowers look like. lol


little insight would be much appreciated. (I feel so dumb for even asking, did a search but didn’t find anything)

So, here’s the deal started some old seeds about 4-6 weeks ago; had a defective quantum ballast, sent it back and got a solis tek matrix during weeks 1-2. Anyway, things have been moving right along, no problems, perfect everything. I’ve been reading up on all things growing during this grow (been coolin on the bench for a couple of years) and I see many more experienced growers say just wait for the pre flowers to sex your plants. I know I could take a cut and flower it to determine sex, but I’m waiting on some more beans to arrive (beans I popped are 3+ yrs old, had low germ rates) and the strain I’m running could use the extra veg time (killing kush, very Indica dom structure). Now, I hear that plants will show sex in about 4 weeks of veg, but I’ve never seen this before or have I.

Here’s some picks. it doesn’t seem to be showing sex to me. What exactly do pre flowers look like? I know how to sex plants in flower just fine ftr. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Been growing since '06 off and on…I feel like I'm damn good at it, but I don't know what a pre flower looks like lol. I feel so silly not knowing this…