cannabis trimming machine for sale


At Growers House we know that your crop is special and it takes a lot of hard work to keep it in tip-top shape so the quality of your harvest is nothing less than top notch but for many as soon as it’s harvest time the uphill battle has only begun. With all the steps and techniques that go into harvesting, Growers House has the correct trimmer for any task. From hand trimmers to large industrial bud trimmers, we have all the right gear. Try out a plant trimming machine from popular companies such as Lucky Seven, Centurion Pro, TrimPro, and SpinPro and see what sometimes used to take days, sometimes months into hours! Not sure what trimmer is best for your operation? Read our The Top 6 Plant & Leaf Trimming Machines Reviewed article to help you make the right decision.

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GrowersHouse offers the largest selection of hydroponic equipment for home growers, professionals, and large scale commercial operations. On our website, on the phone, or in our retail store, GrowersHouse stays true to its mission of making growers more successful.

Find and buy the correct trimmer or scissor for any task. From micro tip to large scale trimmers, we have it all. Choose trimmers from popular companies such as Twister, Lucky Seven, Centurion Pro, TrimPro, and SpinPro. These larger trimmers are to trim your flowers and buds when the job of hand trimming gets too burdonsome.