chem cookies strain

Chem cookies strain

Chem Cookies also known as GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies is both pungent and sweet, gassy and spicy. and very dangerous. One bowl too many of this strain is like dropping your brain in a wood chipper, slowing you down to half the pace of the rest of the world. Sometimes you’re happy with that, because the tangy, alluring smell makes it hard to turn away. Even when used in moderation, GMO can be disorienting for low tolerances know your limits.

Generally dark or wintergreen, with regular spots of purple and rust-orange pistils, GMO buds tend to look slender or gnarled, carry a thick coat of trichomes, and have been known to foxtail.

Full of distinctly different aromas, GMO still finds a way to be somewhat layered, with sweet, rubbery smells of gasoline up front, followed by earthy, chalky notes with a little acidity and spice, like wet, dank grass with a bunch of mud. Still, I think the “garlic” term is forced, unless we’re talking about something fermented. Sure, it smells funky and has some zest, but it’s way too sweet and sour for that name.

Like an earthier Chemdog, with a little doughy sweetness hanging around for a few minutes after. The garlic comparison makes a little more sense here, but you still have to look for those zesty and herbal notes.

Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies