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Basic / Breeders Info

Chrystal is an indica/sativa variety from Nirvana and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±70 days ) . Nirvanas Chrystal is a THC dominant variety and is/was also available as feminized seeds.

Nirvanas Chrystal Description

Chrystal is a White Widow hybrid that has been re-back-crossed with Northern Light. Its big sticky buds give off an almost kerosene-like aroma and produce a quick-hitting high. An F1 hybrid, Chrystal produces outstanding yields of top quality grass. Its plants are much easier to manicure than White Widow. Chrystal was a first place winner of the Dutch Highlife Cup in 2002.

Yield: 400 – 500 grams/m² (SoG)
Effect: High and Stoney
Grow height: Medium
Flowering Indoor: 9 / 11 weeks

Where to buy Chrystal cannabis seeds?

Chrystal from Nirvana Seeds is available as regular and feminized seeds. In 10 seedbanks, we found 35 offers between EUR 5.00 for 1 feminized seed and EUR 210.31 for 40 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Chrystal Cannabis Seeds from Nirvana Seeds somewhere – have a look to our Chrystal Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Chrystal offers: Chu Majek, Indras Planet GmbH, Cheeba Beans, Zamnesia, Herbies Head Shop, Cannapot Hanfshop, Canna-Seed Seed Shop, Oaseeds, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla and

Chrystal Awards

Nirvanas Chrystal is a cupwinning variety and won the 1st Place at the Highlife Cup 2002 in the category Bio – Seedbanks, submitted by Nirvana!

Chrystal Reviews

We’ve collected strain info from 6 growers for Chrystal.

Chrystal breed by Nirvana Seeds Here you can find all info about Chrystal from Nirvana Seeds . If you are searching for information about Chrystal from Nirvana Seeds, check out our Basic

Nirvana Chrystal Review

Well-Known Member

This strain review is about Nirvana Chrystal. It is nirvana’s northen lights x (northen lights x white widow). I grew this strain from feminized seed, one plant. The one seed germinated just fine. I purchased it from the Nirvana shop in a 5 pack for about $40 US after shipping. it arrived very quickly. they always come through, i love nirvana. So that one seed germed, and it turned into a wonderful plant. it grew right along side a nirvana blackberry plant the exact same age. The chrystal tends just a bit more to the sativa side than i expected (about 50/50). It was more sativa than the blackberry which was more like an indica (maybe 65/35). Chrystal had nice fat blades on dark wide fan leaves. it has an excellent flower to leaf ratio, the best ive seen. it does have a bit more of space between internodes than i thought it would. the stems that grow out get very tall, very fast even from the bottom. even secondary stems had large, long stems coming out from them. you can really use that to your advantage if you have the space, this plant has monster hybrid vigor. it did stretch a bit when the lights were flipped but no more than i would have expected it to. it had a zillion tops from all the stems that grow up out of it. never once was it picky about nutrients or temp. i grew it in FFOF all the way. When the second or third week of flowering came along, so did the resin on the plant. this plant had more resin than have seen on any plant. white castle had a shit ton of resin, and this still had MORE. when u touch the crystals and smell your fingers it smells super sweet, like honey, fruit and flowers mixed. no skunk flavor, and very little spice if any at all. its only in its 7th week of flowering and some of the heads have turned completely amber. the trichromes are so big and profuse on this plant u can tell the color with your bare eyes(i usually cant)! i picked a bud from the bottom and dried it for 3 days in a warm dry place. i vaporized it in my volcano. wow. it has a super long lasting taste. its hard to descibe its sweet and floral and very slightly spicey. the high started for me in the sides of my head, it krept up to the eyes and set in on my whole body slowly. its suprisingly a very even mix of sativa and indica. the high might lean a bit more towards the indica, especially when its picked late when more heads are amber. this is a very good medical strain, with some social qualities as well. people will comment on the taste for sure tho. ive never quite tasted this exact taste even tho i can describe it very uniquely. its like over ripe fruit and roses with very very faint spice/general non skunky-marijuana smell. maybe a little pine in there too, just a faint little bit tho. Nirvana really has a killer strain here. ive grown 7 strains of Nirvana breeds and so far chrystal has the best overall end product. it could yeild very well when u train it right, i tried to but it was hard. i would have got more weight overall if that would have gone better. BUT it does have decent spacing between internodes, for instance the blackberry plant has much much closer internodes and there for has way more weight on each stem. but the chrystal plant has more stems so i can even out in the end. the buds on chrystal are very dense however, dont be mistaken. It produces BIG rock type buds. the buds dry up to be dense nuggets of crystal coated sweetness. they look amazing in person, ive rarely saw any bud that looks this good “bag appeal” wise.

. to compare the high to different strains:
. . sharksbreath vs chrystal: crystal is slighty more body high, and much sweeter. sharksbreath is spicier and more sativa. chrystal has a much longer lasting high and is stonger overall. .
. white castle vs chrystal: white castle was a bit more social of a high, and took much longer to flower than chrystal. they both have similar tastes with the white castle leaning a bit more towards the piney end, and the crystal towards the fruity/sweet end. they both have a strong mind and body high. the crystal nugs are more dense than white castle and bit more indica in appearance.
. bubba kush(ghs) vs chrystal: bubba kush was easy to grow and was very indica yet still very similar to the chrystal plant. high flower to leaf ratio and very thick, frosty nugs. the bubba kush was a lot more earthy and spicy and was no where as sweet as the much more pleasant chrystal. the bubba kush was no where near as potent as the chrystal either, having strictly a body high and not a great one at that. chrystal was much much better and sweeter.
FLOWERING TIME: 7-9 weeks(contrary to nirvana)
YEILD: 8/10
TASTE: 9/10
SMELL: 8/10

This strain review is about Nirvana Chrystal. It is nirvana's northen lights x (northen lights x white widow). I grew this strain from feminized seed, one… ]]>