closet smells of weed

Weed in my closet.. LOL

P.s. Maruijana is illegal in my state lol

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At least it’s not hard drugs or cigerette smoke. Weed smell isn’t too bad and I don’t think it really stays in clothes like other smells that’s funny you can smell it all from your closet I wonder what is under your closet?

I think weed smells like b.o. so I would go crazy there

I know it could be worse.. Lol and idk its really weird and annoying

I’ve heard dryer sheets absorb or diminish marijuana scent. I think people use it to mask it when shipping it. I would try lining the entire floor of my closet with dryer sheets and baking soda boxes in the top shelf . That helps with lots of scents. You could also get those zip up wardrobes for your work clothes if you think people might think something about it

Maybe ask them or the people oh own the apartments If they can just close their window if they are smoking. Maybe they will be nice enough to close it.

Or explain to the owners that you smell something weird coming from the apartment under you and that you don’t know what it is and the smell is bothering you and is smelling up your closet. Pretend you don’t know it’s weed. Lol.

It would bother me to smell weed all the time. It’s not a bad smell but what happens when ppl come over or someone at work smells it on you..

Dramatic title but seriously I’ll try to make this short… So we live in a small apartment. Everyone that lives around us is vwry nice but recently some new people moved in the apartment below us. Well they are kind of different I guess you could say. And they smoke weed all the time. How do I know? Because they leave there sliding door open all the time and like I can literally see smoke and smell it coming out when I walk by to go to my car. And then to make everything better for some odd reason I can smell everything in my closet? Like if they cook hamburgers, my closet smells like hamburgers… So now my closet constantly smells like weed! Problem is I would complain but they are family members of the people that run the apartments I live in and they are always going in there and stuff so they have to already know so idk? What should I do? I’m so paranoid my clothes will smell like weed.. I just don’t know…I definitly plan on moving when our lease is up because there are many other problems that have come up in these apartments but unfortunaly that is not until Febuary. P.s. Maruijana is illegal in my state lol