credit card weed grinder

Credit Card Grinders

Credit card grinders are very practical herb grinders. The look and the size of credit cards fits nicely in the pocket or the wallet. Weed grinders for sale are made from medical grade stainless steel. This material is very durable and easy to clean. Credit card grinders come with few different images, which are updated on from time to time.

How to use our credit card weed grinders for sale

Using our weed grinders for sale is very easy. You simply grind the herbs against the card, scoop up the smaller bits and then drop them neatly into the bowl. It is recommended to clean the credit card grinder after each use and hide it in a matching protective sleeve so it stays safe.

Credit card grinders are very practical grinders. The look and the size of credit cards fits nicely in the pocket or the wallet. Credit card grinders are made from medical grade stainless steel.

Credit card weed grinder

This RAW Credit Card Grinder, also called a Shredder Card, is the ideal grinder for when you’re out and about. Comparable to a card which you can simply put in your trouser pocket or wallet. You can crumble your weed and tobacco in the most efficient way with the Shredder Card. Just get the Credit Card Grinder out of your pocket and make your weed ready for a joint within a few seconds. Guaranteed no pain in your fingers. Shredder Card getting dirty? Then just throw it in the dishwasher with your other washing-up. It will be as good as new when it comes out.


  • For grinding weed and tobacco
  • Without damaging your fingers
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Card-sized format (8 cm)
  • Fits in your wallet or trouser pocket
  • Quick to clean (dishwasher-proof)
  • Supplied in attractive RAW packaging

About RAW

RAW is one of the largest smoking brands in the world. The brand makes only natural and environmentally friendly products. They are gluten-free, chlorine-free and not made from genetically modified plants. 100% vegan-friendly. In RAW’s range you will find authentic and non-refined smoking materials such as rolling papers, tips, cones, rolling trays and accessories. Through its range, RAW endeavours to create a true smoker’s lifestyle and thus features a lot of merchandising products. As well as the smoking materials and merchandise, there is also a genuine RAW Foundation which promotes equality for all mankind. The foundation organises different charitable projects in poor countries.

Does your grinder get in the way or perhaps you often forget to take it with you? In that case, why not choose this Credit Card Grinder from RAW. Just like having a card in your wallet!