crockett’s confidential strain

Crocketts Confidential

Crockett’s Confidential is a hybrid between the LA Confidential genetics and Family Secret, a Haze variety selected by the breeders of this collective. The resulting offspring produces buds with grape and apricot notes and a very particular effect.

Crokett’s Confidential plants grow compact and don’t stretch much during the pre-flowering stage, similar to LA Confidential, so they’ll need some extra growth for best results.

The flowering period lasts around 8-9 weeks, yielding 500gr/m2 of frosty buds covered with bright trichomes , either indoors or outdoors.

The effect is relaxing, very physicall, with with a touch of psychoactivit that aloows you to de-stress while you enjoy its delicious earthy and fruity taste.

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