crown royal weed

Crown Royale

Crown Royale is an indica dominant strain with excellent yields and decent levels of CBD and THC. It is ideal for commercial cultivation, for indoor growing and for medical users.

This is the result of the combining between delicious Blueberry and amaing Purple Kush bred in North America. The strain contains 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics.

The flowering period takes 9 weeks and the harvest produces good yields of 500 gr/m2 indoors and 400 gr/plant outdoors.

The high THC content of 21% provides a strong indica effect.


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Okay so overall, a good experience growing this strain.

Its a bit of a speedy high, Its energetic and uplifting but still strong in the sense that it makes me feel sorta dumb and trip over my words. Trying to note the taste and effects were tough as we were really cooked. Can def smell and feel the sativa side of this Indica Dom hybrid. The plants looked more like a Sativa to me anyway.

The smell is like Pepper, Flowers, and a touch of pine.

The smoke tastes like Pepper, Spicy, and woody like cedar or something. Stings in your nose but its not harsh. no coughing fits. Just spicy!
Burn is pretty clean. burns well, but not total white ash. not terrible tho. Does burn real nice.
Only a week into cure so I’ll prob update more on the flavours and effects later.

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