did they smoke real weed in pineapple express

Did they really smoke weed in the movie Pineapple Express?

It looks so real, the smoke, the weed plants. how was the movie legal?

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haha thats what i thought too. but no, i was watching this “reel comedy:pineapple express” on comedy central, and James Franco said that they smoked a herb mixture.

Does James Franco Smoke Weed

of route they would not be smoking weed. they could smoke different stuff. I heard some thing about them utilising weed with out THC like interior the luggage and stuff, yet i do not imagine even that is criminal. yet there became diverse behind the scenes smoking with that team and that i’d not be shocked in the journey that they were truthfully stoned in some scenes.

Yeah im pretty sure the scene with the crossing was real. Spice or a herb mixture wouldn’t be so smooth. They smoked and technically speaking if you have a medical card and are on private property is legal. Welcome to California.

of course they wouldn’t be smoking weed. They can smoke other stuff. I heard something about them using weed without THC like in the bags and stuff, but i don’t think even that’s legal.

But there was plenty of backstage smoking with that crew and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were genuinely stoned in some scenes.

Yeah, its actually real. I have no Idea how its legal. When Seth Rogan was on The Tongiht Show w/ Jay Leno he said it was real

It looks so real, the smoke, the weed plants…how was the movie legal?