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In modern-day and age, there would be no end to the amount of hybrids that you would be able to find where cannabis is concerned. That being said, it could become quite easy to become confused about which one you should be going for. It would be for this reason that you should take a look at Durban poison.

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Durban Poison History

Despite the fact that this weed has remained in the scene for some time now, smoking this would definitely take you back to its roots. Being originated from the African sativa species, it would definitely be considered to be the cleanest, energizing, and purest strain that you would be able to find in the market today. When you would read this, you would definitely be able to understand that a pretty big claim is being made here. However, you would need to understand that this strain was not something which was made by accident by throwing a couple of ingredients together and hoping for a miracle. In fact, extreme effort and determination were exerted into cultivating this weed strain all over Africa. It would be for this reason that it would be considered to fall under the category of heirloom marijuana.

Why Durban Poison?

In other words, Durban poison weed would be the ultimate description of simpler things being the best. Even though a lot of people would prefer complexities and different textures being added in the weed that they smoke, this would not be the case here. With basic components, it would be able to give one of the most medicinal and pleasant highs that would be known to mankind. It would also be for this reason that this one would be deemed to be a classic. This is because when you would trace the history of weed strains back to its origins, there would only be a handful that you would be able to find. So, if you would like to continue being amazed by the wonders of Durban poison, join hands with us in this journey that we will undertake together.

Durban poison strain

In order to become amazed with this heirloom marijuana, it would make complete sense to start off with an introduction. As has already been pointed out, this would be one of the purest sativa strain that you would be able to find in today’s times, with its roots being traced back to Africa. Since it would be 100 percent sativa, there would be no doubt about the kind of amazing high that you would be able to get from it. Even though people would have questions and confusion regarding its origins, there would be no way that this classic could be overlooked.

Over time, the love for it only seems to have become stronger. Reasons for this could be its ancient origins and roots, along with the clear-headed and simplistic high that it would be able to provide you with. Thanks to it being completely pure, Durban poison has been considered to be highly suitable to be used for medicinal purposes, such as treating people with a diverse range of conditions, symptoms, and ailments.

THC Content

According to tests which have been conducted, the THC content has been found to fall within the 17-26 percent range. As the regulars would be able to understand, the range would be slightly high which would mean that you would be able to get a kick out of smoking this weed. In other words, there would be no way that you would be able to escape the fun and enjoyment of smoking this. It would also be because of its purity that it has managed to become a favorite all over the world across all age groups, with no distinctions being made.

Durban poison cartridge aroma

The next thing that we would be talking about would be its specific characteristics such as aroma, appearance, and flavor. When talking about the aroma, you would find it to be quite unique. This is because you would be able to get a balanced and harmonious blend of sweet and spicy, something which could be compared to the buzz that you would get from caffeine. So, when you would be taking a whiff of this weed, you should expect to get tastes of spiced orange, vanilla, anise, lemon, and fennel. The best part is that all of these would be tied together with a creamy aftertaste that would be virtually incomparable. Despite the fact that all of these would just be experienced at the tip of your tongue, the feeling would definitely last in your mouth a couple of hours after you have smoked it.

Appearance and flavor

As for the scent, you would find it to be earthy and pungent, with a hint of sugar being thrown into the mix. All in all, you would find the scent to be pretty pleasant – something which would be expected from something so pure and natural. One good thing about Durban poison strain is that you would not be able to get any artificial smells, thus not giving you anything to complain about.

Upon closer inspection of the weed, it would be bound to blow your mind since it would be comprised of immense resin glands. It would be for this reason that it has managed to become one of the top choices for concentrate extraction. This is because the buds would be chunky, circular, and plump, thus giving a whole new meaning to fat buds. As for the color, you could expect to get the usual Sativa color, with bright green buds and orange pistils that would rise when the leaves would be smoked. All in all, the appearance would be simple and classic, yet gorgeously striking.

Growth information

The perfect setting to grow Durban poison would be the outdoors. These plants tend to become extremely tall. Even though it would be possible to grow this indoors, special growth techniques would be required. So, if you would not be willing to take in the extra effort, it would be best to harvest these in the great outdoors. Assuming that you would have no trouble with people looking at it. However, the easiest method would be to grow in an indoor setting. Of course, keeping in mind that the proper care, nutrients, and light cycles would be given to the crops. Even though it would not be considered to be particularly challenging, you would have to understand that you would need to put in your share of hard work.

Where the flowering period is concerned, that would be roughly nine weeks, which would also be considered to be the average period.

Durban poison weed would also be a smart choice for those people who would just be looking to plant and harvest one crop. This is because the yield would be reasonable and the cultivation would also be a relatively easy process. One good that you would need to keep in mind would be that it would be highly resistant to bugs, mold, and other kinds of tests. This would allow it to become a better candidate than the other kinds of weed.

Durban poison vape effects

As has already been pointed out, Durban poison seems to come from pure African origins. As such, the effects that you would be able to get from it would be unlike anything that you would have ever experienced before. The high would be energizing and clean, which would mean that it would not leave your body tired or stony. It would be for this reason that this marijuana has been found to be suitable for smoking anytime during the day. This is because it would not allow you to lose focus or become distracted. On the contrary, it would free your mind from stress, lift your spirits, and keep you motivated with creative and euphoric thoughts. In other words, this would act as your happy pill.

Medicinal purposes

As the CBG content of Durban poison cartridge would fall within the range of one percent, it would not be ideal to treat patients with severe conditions such as seizures, cancer, and other kinds. Rather, it would be more suitable for removing any sort of mental or physical pain that one might be experiencing. People suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress could also benefit from vaping this strain. This is because it would allow you to calm down your mind and relax by inducing happy and peaceful thoughts. Durban poison would also be successful in helping to get rid of appetite loss, chronic pain, and nausea.

Possible side effects

Since this would be a particular kind of weed that we would be talking about, the side effects would also need to be taken into consideration. However, the good news is that it would be pretty mild. Some of the most common side effects which have been reported are dry eyes and dry mouth. As such, these would be quite easy to solve and bring under control.

Final words

Thus, that brings us to the end of the discussion regarding Durban poison. We hope that this article provided you with all the relevant information to banish all your worries and confusion. Another thing that you would need to bear in mind would be that consuming marijuana would be the sole responsibility of the consumer. As such, discretion should be exercised.

Durban Poison weed would be the ultimate description of simpler things being the best. One of the cleanest, energizing strain on the market!