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Dutch Treat


Despite its name, the Dutch Treat strain was actually created by growers on the west coast of the Canadian Province of British Columbia. It’s a heavily Indica dominant strain although the identity of its genetic parents has never been revealed.

Dutch Treat marijuana has a smell that mixes notes of pine forest and citrus. The flavor continues those themes with the addition of a sweetish taste and a hint of eucalyptus. The initial effects are soaring and euphoric although this weed may well make you drowsy after the initial rush. Medically, Dutch Treat can be used to alleviate insomnia and poor appetite.

Indoors, Dutch Treat weed grows short and bushy with lots of side stems although when it’s cultivated outdoors it can stretch to a decent 150 centimetres. The leaves are wide and dark green and the buds are increasingly covered with sticky resin and golden hairs as the plants mature. THC levels have been measured in the lab at between 14.8 and 18.3 percent.

This weed will thrive indoors in either soil or hydro and flowering time is from six to eight weeks. Yields are above average.

You can grow this strain outdoors in northern Europe as long as the summer weather is reasonably warm. Outdoor harvest in the northern hemisphere comes in late September and you can expect to harvest from 115 to 230 grams per plant.

The Dutch Treat strain is seen as dependable, producing good yields and is quite easy to grow. Fans of the Indica high will definitely enjoy this weed, and it’s a good choice for gardeners in northern Europe who want to grow outdoors.

The Dutch Treat Strain is chosen by both beginner and experienced growers for its ease of growth, dependable harvests and reasonable potency.