eagle scout strain

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout combines two of the most relevant cannabis cultivars in existence. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) exploded onto the cannabis scene, becoming just as popular as OG, Chemdog, and other pop-culture varieties virtually overnight. What trait(s) could GSC possibly possess to justify such an astronomical rise to fame? It boils down to the stellar bag appeal and one-of-a-kind aroma. GSC is known for her resin coated, densely-packed and purple-tinted flowers that smell of sweet gasoline and cookie dough.

The GSC, unfortunately, can be a bit finicky, and many growers report that she is difficult to coax a respectable yield out of. The Stardawg male is perfect to make the desired improvements, and the breeding progress is evident in Eagle Scout. Phenotypes will truly run the gamut of both parents–hunters will find plants that look like GSC but the smell and yield like Stardawg, plants that look like Stardawg but taste like Cookies, and every other combination you can imagine!

Eagle Scout is a great choice if you’re looking for a Cookie cut that is better than the original clone, or looking for Cookies with a little extra “umph” in their growth. Or, if you’re a chem lover, this is a great example of Chemdog with a Cookie twist.

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