future strain

Future strain

Holy BALLS this stuff is awesome! Just put down my bong so this is what I’m feeling immediately; Tingling throughout my entire body but especially the crown of my head and temples like a million little hands are rubbing on my head. The body high is absolutely freaking amazing. Maybe the best body high I’ve ever had 100% legit. I love its parents gorilla glue 4 and starfighter I smoke gg a lot and starfighter once. Any cross between these 2 is going to be fire and this stuff is FIRE. as far as the mental effects, it is putting me on a beach somewhere in outer space. Pure euphoria. This might actually the best new strain I’ve smoked this year. 10/10. πŸ‘½πŸŒŒπŸ›ΈπŸŒ  if you want a trip to outer space, this is what you need. Trust me.

If you are seeking a solid medical strain then this is it. I must say, I find it odd that nausea is not on the list of treatable symptoms because it totally stomped out the nausea I suffer from. But that isn’t all, I also find relief from stress, depression, and severe gut-wrenching anxiety. Recreational use, GO FOR IT! This is some stony shit for a hybrid, but I am not an advocate of $45.00 to $55.00 and eight (Top Shelf). way spendy for what you get. If you can find it on the middle shelf it will go much easier on your wallet. Peace and Cannabis to all

Future is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Gorilla Glue #4 X Starfighter strains. This potent powerhouse is best known for its insanely strong high and long-lasting effects that are perfect for a lazy afternoon spent at home, deep i…