g13 skunk

G13 Skunk

breed by Mr Nice Seedbank

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Basic / Breeders Info

G13 Skunk is an indica/sativa variety from Mr. Nice and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±56 days ), outdoors and in the greenhouse. Mr. Nices G13 Skunk is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Mr. Nices G13 Skunk Description

This is probably one of the biggest mainstream cannabis media stars, due to the rather colorful mythology that surrounds the stories of its origin. Before the female clone of G13 lost its vigor for life, we at MNS combined it with several other stable hybrids to preserve the genetic pool and enable growers to explore and discover . The origins of this plant seem to be in line with an Afghani ancestry. Combining that with the MNS skunk line make the F1 seeds excellent value, particularly regarding the more medicinally valued plants (used for many medical ailments including pain management, MS, arthritis and depression). The yields that a grower of this strain should expect for indoor cultivation should be between at least 500-650 grams per square meter. It depends upon the style of growing and the selection of the plant. Since it is predominantly indica, this plant does not stretch much and can be grown quite easily by beginning to advanced growers with good results. The flower cluster can be very dense, and as the plant draws closer to maturity, it should be monitored for mould if the humidity is moderate to high during the last weeks of the plants life. We found that the majority of the plants are finished after 7 weeks flowering with a very small percentage taking a week to 10 days more. This plant would be fine to be used in a sea of green type cultivation and is equally impressive for both the indoor and outdoor growers. The two distinctive features that the G13 plant brings with it are a serrated edged leaf trait and an unusually healthy (almost glossy) green in the growing plant. If you are looking to find a plant that is used to the limelight, then this is your girl!

Heritage: G13 x Skunk
Family of breed: Afghani/Skunk x Skunk#1
Breeder: Nevil and Shantibaba’s
Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
Expected yield: indoors expect 500-650 g/m2 and as a greenhouse plant expect 500 g/plant, outdoors depends on climatic conditions…can have problems with mould.
Flowering period: Indoors it should be finished between 7-9 weeks depending upon the phenotype selected. North hemisphere it will be ready in September. In the southern hemisphere it will be ready by late March to April.
Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.
Special Notes: A lot of stories and myths surround the G13 plant. worthy of anyone’s garden and good for medical ailments.

Where to buy G13 Skunk cannabis seeds?

G13 Skunk from Mr Nice Seedbank is available only as regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not available at the moment. In 8 seedbanks, we found 17 offers between EUR 48.45 for 15 regular seeds and EUR 558.29 for 105 regular seeds. If you are looking to buy G13 Skunk Cannabis Seeds from Mr Nice Seedbank somewhere – have a look to our G13 Skunk Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current G13 Skunk offers:, Hanf & Hanf, Oaseeds, Seedsman, Cheeba Beans, Herbies Head Shop, Alchimia Grow Shop and Zamnesia.

G13 Skunk breed by Mr Nice Seedbank Here you can find all info about G13 Skunk from Mr Nice Seedbank . If you are searching for information about G13 Skunk from Mr Nice Seedbank, check out

G13 Skunk

G13 Skunk cannabis strain is a hybrid created to keep and share G13 genetics, an indica line with mysterious and unknown origins, a myth enforced by its incredible powerful effect, making G13 a trully legendary marijuana strain. Discover this G13 Skunk hybrid in Alchimia Grow Shop’s regular seed collection.

When G13 appeared in the cannabis World in 1987, Nevil from The Seed Bank described it as “coming from a military research program in Mississippi”. Its many qualities quickly made it to be a “most wanted” plant for breeding seeds, offering resinous, vigorous and very psychoactive hybrids. Over the years, while the original G13 mother plant was starting to lose its characteristic vigour, Nevil and Shantibaba decided to cross it with different cannabis varieties to safeguard this superior genetics.

How to grow G13 x Skunk by Mr Nice Seeds

G13 Skunk shows Indica dominant plants, compact and with almost no stretch during the first weeks of flowering, being very easy to grow indoors by any cannabis grower. The majority of G13 Skunk plants flower in about 7 weeks, while a small proportion needs around 10 more days to get fully ripe.

Yields are abundant, reaching up to 600gr/m2 thanks to its flower density, forming fleshy clusters covered with white resin. These compact buds can be sensitive to molds in case of excessive humidity, so the success in outdoor crops depends on the weather and rain frequency.

G13 Skunk spreads a floral and spicy aroma with an earthy and musky background, while its effect is very relaxing, suitable for medical cannabis uses, efficient to help in cases of arthritis, MS, depression and pain.

Its aromas, resin production and intense effect make G13xSkunk a first choice for a cannabis genetics collection. Easy to grow, with quick flowering and high yields, it is also a beginner’s delight, for it always offers gratifying marijuana harvests.

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