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My adventure of moving to the big Island of Hawaii

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Growing and Smoking Cannabis In Hawaii

I get many people contacting me to post an update to my previous post “Smoking weed in Hawaii“. Maholo for your

Where to begin. Recreational use of cannabis is not legal here on the islands of Hawaii. I do not care what you heard. I’m not saying its hard to find, at least here on the big island. If when you are out and about on the island you don’t catch a whiff of good cannabis burning at least once during your day, something is wrong.

The only option that is legal here in Hawaii is if your doctor prescribes cannabis as a medicine. Aka: Medical Marijuana. I’m not gonna go on a whole rant about the medical marijuana rules, requirements, and all that stuff. If you don’t know the basics of medical marijuana, I am sorry. I am not going to give the whole smear here.. But, for Hawaii laws on medical cannabis. see the State of Hawaii medical marijuana program page.

I do, by coincidence, have a valid HI 329 card (only showing back of card). I also from time to time grow a crop or two. Honestly, I only grow a couple plants each summer. Its pretty easy to grow monster plants here in the summer. This of course only applies to the right strain. I grow my cannabis outdoors. Ok, I start them under lights, finish them outdoors. It is also the only way I could have medical cannabis until recently. Its a lot cheaper than buying at one of the few dispensaries.

Living in an area where we have no dirt, all we have is lava, and crushed lava. lol Growing here in my area of Hawaii is a situation where you either grow in pots, raised beds, or what I do. I carve out holes in the lava with a jack hammer and fill the holes with Hawaiian topsoil, cow manure, compost from my compost pile, and bone meal. Now, I want to make clear that cannabis is not all I grow. I have the normal garden stuff, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, etc. I just rotate. tomatoes till done, then cannabis. you get the idea, I guess/hope.

I have talked about growing in the summer here in Hawaii on the big island. Truth is you can grow year round outdoors here. It’s just that in the winter, the finished buds will be much smaller. The other issue growing here is, humidity. As of this moment, its been raining here for 4 weeks almost none stop. Sometimes even very heavy rain. Before I get messages telling me I should grow under cover, in a greenhouse, blah, blah, blah.. Done them all. I do cover with clear 6mil tarps. when budding gets going good. Still does not change much when the humidity is 80+ for weeks on end. The buds get close.. Just not 100% a lot of the time. As often as not, your buds will mold before being completely mature. With indica dominant verity fairing worse than sativa.

Now I should be clear. What I typed above was my growing environment. There are 8 climate zones of the 13 zones worldwide. Here on the big island of Hawaii I live in the “continually wet zone”. You can learn more at: “The 8 (not 10, 11, 12 or 13 ) climate zones on the Big Island of Hawaii” Others, do have conditions more forgiving conditions, thereby better results than I do. Warm and wet year round… Not the best growing environment for cannabis for a verity of strains.

Flowering Time Outdoor: 70 – 80 Days
Strength / Lasting Effect: Not overwhelming, lasts about 3 hours
Yield: Dry summer – Phenomenal Wet summer – Good
Bugs / Fungus: Avg. on bugs. Powdery mildew is fairly common and bud mold shows most often at 3/4 way to mature bud.

I’m going to tell you about an indica/sativa mixed strain called Purple Bud – by Sensi Seeds. I have found that it can swing between smelling like skunk and candy pretty good from seed to seed as it finishes. It will clone supper easy, loves to be grown organically, and produces monster harvests with relative ease. My biggest gripe about this strain is that I have never seen it turn purple as sensi seeds says it does in 3 years of growing it, from seed. I have taken clones up the side of the volcano too much cooler climates, still never turns purple as Sensi Seeds claims. Purple Bud Feminized

This post is about growing and smoking, no? Let’s get to the smoking, eating part. Due to limits on the amount I am allowed to have, I am forced to turn all but the bestest of the best buds into other things like, hash, candy, oil, etc. Not a complaint, just a fact. I know many were thinking after reading above, that after a harvest there’s giant bags of bud hanging around. Sadly, no. Some cannabis medicinal work better for my arthritis on some days than others. Smoking is not always my go to for pain relief. I am sure if you are using cannabis as a medicine, you know fully what I am talking about.

As I am sure you are thinking, “do you make extracts?” The short answer is yes. My favorite is making bubble hash. Can take 224 grams of bud, leaf and get 20 grams of awesome bubble hash. What I love about making bubble hash is that you can take it and extract in alcohol, coconut oil, whatever! Of course a little crumbled in your morning coffee is brilliant!

I very, very, much enjoy making gummy bears and lollipops outta what I harvest, Plus, as I typed before, I need to stay within my legal limits. Coconut oil and or bubble hash works best for me. I mostly use a lot of coconut oil. Its one of the best was to temporary relive muscle/ joint pain. Just use as a lotion. Bonus: it smells like suntan lotion.. lol Cant do candy all the time, but its fun to have the candy edibles every now and then when possible. It is very much a treat.

Before I am asked – No, I do not distribute any cannabis products of any kind to any person living or dead, at any place on the planet, for any reason at all. All photos of cannabis and cannabis product are for my personal legal use in the State of Hawaii, as allowed by law.

Well, that’s about all I have to post for now. Kinda burned out on all the typing. Never fear though, I am going to end this post with me chopping down THE MONSTER July 2017. Malama Pono!

I get many people contacting me to post an update to my previous post "Smoking weed in Hawaii". Maholo for your Where to begin..? Recreational use of cannabis is not legal here on the islands of Hawaii. I do not care what you heard. I'm not saying its hard to find, at least here…