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23 EASIEST Strains to Grow Outdoors & Indoors for Beginners to Experts

The easiest cannabis strains to grow indoors and outdoors from seed. For beginners, novice growers, experts and commercial cultivators alike. Indica and sativa strains that do well in hard climates, producing respectable yields of potent marijuana.

Easiest Photoperiod Cannabis Strains to Grow from Seed

Northern Lights

Northern Lights accounts for a huge portion of genetics in hybrid cannabis strains today, along with other fundamental breeding strains Skunk #1 and Haze. Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights is selectively bred by crossing original NL-1, NL-2, and NL-5 genetics, which were the only pure Northern Lights cultivars in existence. Northern Lights set the standard for which all other indica strains are still judged, growing to the epitome of Afghani expressions – compact, fast flowering plants filled with dense, sparkling resin-soaked buds that give powerful knockout, narcotic effects.

Flowering Time 6-7 weeks
Seed Breeder Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield 450-500 g/m2

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a West Coast best selling staple, is perhaps the easiest strain to grow outdoors for beginners due to its vigorous growth, giant stature and enormous yields of potent, top-shelf quality buds. Blue Dream is a 70% sativa dominant “beaster” strain that can grow over 4 meters, ready to harvest outdoors (in the northern hemisphere) around mid-October. Stretches out big during flowering, indoor growers may want to veg Blue Dream quickly in order to produce more easily manageable plants. 19% THC, fruity buds.

Flowering Time 65-70 days
Seed Breeder Humboldt Seed Organization
Pack Size 3/5/10/25 seeds
Yield Indoors: 350-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 2-3 kg/plant

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Green Crack

Green Crack is a vigorous sativa hybrid that brings in impressive yields of tight sticky buds. A hardy grower, Green Crack does well in most indoor and outdoor climates. The fair internode spacing allows for air to flow through the plant, while still being able to form dense, potent cannabis buds. Resistant to Botrytis mold. Bred between 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club Skunk #1 and an isolated Afghani cutting, Green Crack marijuana seeds are easy to grow for beginners and experts alike. Fruity, high 18% THC buds.

Flowering Time 55 days
Seed Breeder Humboldt Seed Organization
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 350-525 g/m2
Outdoors: 1-3 kg/plant

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LSD is a a powerfully psychoactive feminized seed strain to grow, ideal for both new growers and the pros. Bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds, this Skunk #1 x Afghan Indica hybrid is prized for its great potency, flavor and high. LSD grows easily from seed outdoors and indoors, producing resilient plants that develop enormous “grenade” colas. The buds are oily, very stinky and give a strong trippy effect. Tested at 25% THC.

Flowering Time 60-65 days
Seed Breeder Barney’s Farm Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 700 g/m2

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Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an original South African sativa that made its way to Holland during the 1970’s. The line was subsequently crossed with local indica genetics and inbred for quality. Dutch Passion’s Durban Poison seeds grow into healthy mold resistant cannabis plants that thrive in both indoor and outdoor climates. A perfect first time grower’s choice, Durban Poison can grow over 10 feet tall and finishes by late September to early October. With its revered sativa smoke, Durban Poison hits fast and gives users an energetic, trippy, strong high.

Flowering Time 56-63 days
Seed Breeder Dutch Passion
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 400-500 g/m2

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Gelat.OG by Seedsman combines the genetics of two very in demand West Coast marijuana strains – Gelato and OG Kush. This hybrid features great yields, a fast flowering time and delicious indica buds high in THC. Gelat.OG grows well both indoors and outdoors, where it can reach upwards of 7 feet tall. Indoors, Gelat.OG is easily maintained as 3-4 foot bushes. The buds change purple colors in cooler temps during the last weeks of bloom, yielding heavy harvests of hard-hitting, resin-coated pine/lemon/diesel buds up to 25% THC. Euphoric stone.

Flowering Time 55-60 days
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500-600 g/m2
Outdoors: 400-600 g/plant

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Gorilla Bomb

Gorilla Bomb is a sativa dominant hybrid made from a clone of the 2014 multi-award winning GG #4 pheno by GG Strains combined with Bomb Seeds’ THC Bomb. Gorilla Bomb seeds give growers productive yields of insanely sticky-icky buds with a sour piney aroma. The bushy plants handle high heat well and flourish in both indoor and outdoor climates, easily reaching over 6 feet tall. Gorilla Bomb forms tons of bud sites that get covered in a mess of trichomes making potent 25%+ THC sticky buds.

Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Seed Breeder Bomb Seeds
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield 400-550 g/m2

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Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm seeds is a tasty 3-way hybrid cannabis strain made between Pineapple, Cheese and Skunk #1 genetics. The seeds germinate quick, growing into vigorous indica dominant plants that flower fast and yield excellent quantities of fruity, pungent marijuana. Suitable for grow both indoors and outdoors, Pineapple Chunk makes for an easy early harvest of high-grade pineapple-and-cheese smelling buds with a strong 25% THC content.

Flowering Time 55-60 days
Seed Breeder Barney’s Farm Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 650 g/m2

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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds is a stable cross between Blueberry and Cheese. It develops primo dank indica buds with a nice fruity flavor. The thick, robust plants are easy to grow indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors. Finishes quick. Blue Cheese shows fairly good mold and powdery mildew resistance for an indica, the fast flowering time is why outdoors growers in cold climates like Oregon love this strain. The buds have a light blue color tone to them, grade A bag appeal and the ultimate cheesy stench. 23% THC.

Flowering Time 60-65 days
Seed Breeder Big Buddha Seeds
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 500+ g/plant

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The Incredible Bulk

The Incredible Bulk is bred to be a heavyweight performer in both yield and grow speed. Incredible Bulk seeds grow up to produce boxing glove-sized buds on monster, bulky plants that adapt well to most environments. An easy to grow strain indoors that responds to heavy feeding and cropping methods. Strong 20-24% THC mostly indica weed that gives a good smoke.

Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Seed Breeder Dr Krippling Seeds
Pack Size 1/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 600-1000 g/m2
Outdoors: 800 -1500 g/plant

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Blue Hash

Blue Hash by Dinafem is a very easy growing indica strain bred from California Hash Plant and Blueberry. One of the most suitable indica strains for outdoors in hot & humid climates like Hawaii and even in cold mountain areas. The plants grow fast, being ready to cut before most other hybrid strains. Dense, hashy buds. The strong, stinky aroma of Blue Hash intensifies right after you harvest the plant. Highly recommended for novice growers.

Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Seed Breeder Dinafem Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 475 g/m2
Outdoors: up to 1100 g/plant

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AK47 by Serious Seeds is an award-winning 4-way hybrid regular seed strain bred by Serious Seeds. Extremely popular since the mid-nineties and still up there with the best, AK47 is famous for its super stinky buds that hit hard and fast – a true “one hit wonder” strain. Bred from landrace Thai, Mexican, Colombian and Afghani genetics. AK47 seeds grow easily manageable, moderate height plants that develop compact, frosty colas. AK47 prefers dry climates.

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Seed Breeder Serious Seeds
Pack Size 11 seeds
Yield 400-500 g/m2

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Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf by ILGM is Robert Bergman’s cannabis strain of undisclosed genetics, bred for easy cultivation and high yields. With a distinct gold color and pungent aroma, Bergman’s Gold Leaf plants mature into swollen bud-covered monsters. This indica dominant strain is suitable for growing almost anywhere, indoors it is advised to limit height. Cropping and pruning techniques can increase production. Uplifting, relaxing high. 21% THC.

Flowering Time 9 weeks
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 16-23 oz per 3×3 ft

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707 Headband

An easy to grow high yield strain both in and out, 707 Headband by Humboldt Seed Organization was created by growers in Humboldt County as 70% sativa, large structured plants that can exceed 4 meters and produce gigantic yields. Ready to harvest in the first half of October. The Kush and lemon flavored buds give strong, quick-hitting cerebral effects. 19-23% THC.

Flowering Time 63-68 days
Seed Breeder Humboldt Seed Organization
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 375-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 1-4 kg/plant

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OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most all-time popular US cannabis strains in history. OG Kush remains a highly in demand strain for buyers of legal cannabis, making it an excellent cash crop strain for growers. The OG Kush seeds by Dinafem are a quick, easy to grow marijuana strain for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. It can can grow upwards of 3 meters and flowers fast, forming into a dominant cola shape with dense, resinous buds. Potent high, up to 24% THC.

Flowering Time 55 days
Seed Breeder Dinafem Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/25 seeds
Yield Indoors: 550 g/m2
Outdoors: 1100 g/plant

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Easiest Autoflowering Cannabis Strains to Grow from Seed

NL x Big Bud Ryder Auto

Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto is a super productive, heavy yield indica autoflowering seed strain that makes consistent rock hard fruity buds. The seeds germinate fast with uniform growth to about 130 cm indoors and 170 cm outdoors. Finished in just over two months. Easy high yields of pot, a great auto strain for beginners looking for a decent first harvest. The leaves and buds change purple colors at lower temps.

Grow Time 65-70 days from seed
Seed Breeder World of Seeds
Pack Size 3/7/12 seeds
Yield Indoors: 450-600 g/m2
Outdoors: 70 g/plant

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Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple Express Auto seeds by FastBuds combines special fruity flavors with great yields and happy high. A forgiving, easy to grow indoor/outdoor marijuana strain, even for first-time cultivators. Pineapple Express Auto gets between 90 to 140 cm tall depending on indoor or outdoor growing setups. The high quality buds give overpowering aromas of pungent sweet pineapples.

Grow Time 70-80 days from seed
Seed Breeder FastBuds Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-600 g/m2
Outdoors: 50-300 g/plant

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Fantasmo Express

Fantasmo Express aka Auto Ghost Train Haze is the most sativa dominant Mephisto Genetics strain available, incorporating genetics from Rare Dankness’ OG Ghost Train Haze sativa strains. Fantasmo Express plants grow quicky and stretch up to 90 cm tall during their flowering cycle, finishing up in only 70 days from germination. Easy to grow, great yield, nice plant size and resin profile.

Grow Time 75 days from seed
Seed Breeder Mephisto Genetics
Pack Size 18/90/180 seeds
Yield 90+ g/plant

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OG Kush Auto

OG Kush Auto by Seedsman is a great high-grade marijuana strain for beginners growing in small spaces. This stout indica dominant autoflower strain stays under 4 feet tall and is finished from seed in only a short 2 1/2 months. OG Kush Auto’s thick, rock hard golf ball shape buds add up to high yields come harvest time. OG Kush Auto packs a punch at 15-20% THC.

Grow Time 75 days from seed
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield 400 g/m2

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Black Jack Auto

Black Jack Auto by Sweet seeds is a hybrid of S.A.D. (Sweet Afghan Delicious) Auto and Jack Herer. It forms big nugs on short/medium plants absolutely covered in sugar crystal. A good autoflower strain for novice growers of all types, Black Jack Auto seeds grow to a height of 40-110 cm indoors or outdoors where they can produce over 250 g/plant each of dense, resinous sweet buds. 15-20% THC.

Grow Time 9 weeks from seed
Seed Breeder Sweet Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-550 g/m2
Outdoors: up to 250 g/plant

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Afghan Mass Auto

Auto Afghan Mass is a productive autoflowering indica hybrid that produces massive fat dank buds on bulky plants. Bred between Critical Mass Auto and Afghani. Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, Auto Afghan Mass seeds grow into typical Afghani marijuana plants at around 70-80 cm tall indoors, while outdoors the strain can reach to over 100 cm high. Solid buds that weigh out heavy on the weed scale. Powerful, relaxing smoke. 17% THC.

Grow Time 60-65 days from seed
Seed Breeder 00 Seeds
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Yield 300-400 g/m2

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White Widow Auto

White Widow Auto by Seedsman is one of most popular autoflowering Seedsman strains, grown for its fast, high yields of trichome-covered, frosty White Widow buds. The vigorous plants are short statured in height, growing around 50-120 cm tall and are suitable for cultivation almost anywhere, developing into beautiful elongated colas. Highly potent, smooth smoke.

Grow Time 80-85 days from seed
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield 35-125 g/plant

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto by FastBuds is an autoflowering version of the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. This version produces magnificently frosty, high-grade marijuana on fast, easy to grow autoflower plants. Bred from two top Girl Scout Cookies phenos with the addition of ruderalis genetics. The 60% indica plants get around 60-100 cm tall and form stinky GSC buds in 8-9 weeks from germination. Consistently a best seller at marijuana seed banks. Strong flavored potent, 22% THC super dank weed.

Grow Time 8-9 weeks from seed
Seed Breeder FastBuds Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500-650 g/m2
Outdoors: 70-300 g/plant

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The easiest cannabis strains to grow indoors and outdoors from seed. For beginners, novice growers, experts and commercial cultivators alike.