happy frog soil home depot

Happy frog soil home depot

I don’t know about coco, but I have grown a plant using MiracleGro Tomato. It grew very well. The NPK ratio of that product is 1-1-1.2. Cannabis likes higher P through the grow. And it doesn’t need the higher N in veg (nor higher P in flower) that the multi-bottle “lineups” create. You can increase N (in veg) and P (in flower) using ordinary off-the-shelf products found at the store. But, you have to be careful because it’s easy to create an imbalanced NPK ratio, or too strong. I can explain more about how to do that if you want to.

If you’re not following what someone else does in coco, I would use soil and that Tomato product. You can buy Black Gold Organic potting mix. Add 25-50% perlite. That would work well with the Tomato fertilizer. If you can find Fertilome Hi-Yield Agricultural Lime (dolomite), adding about 1tbps/gal into the soil/perlite mix would be a good idea. Wet (and let dry) a couple times to let the dolomite react a little.


Which product? I use Kellog Patio Plus potting soil. It’s too hot for cannabis. I mix it 20-25% with 50-60% Pro-Mix HP and 20-25% perlite. The pro-mix already has 35% perlite). I’m happy with that, and agree Kelloggs seems good. But, by itself I don’t think it would be to much nutes built in (would burn seedlings).

Home Depot doesn’t sell Pro-Mix. They have a ordinary peat product. I’ve been tempted to try that instead of Pro-Mix. I’m reluctant to encourage the OP to try that. It would involve mixing the peat 65% to 35% perlite. Adding probably 1.5 to 2 Tbsp/gal dolomite. (Pro-Mix comes with it. I add 1.5 to my resulting mix. The ordinary peat product doesn’t come with any. If I experimented with it, I’d probably do 2tbsp for the entire mix.).

Black Gold Organic potting mix is supposed to be good. It can be found at Ace Hardware. I don’t think I’ve seen it at Lowes/Home Depot. From what I’ve seen, I would cut it with perlite for better drainage, faster wet/dry cycles. That’s the only consumer retail-store soil I can think of that’s safe to use out of the bag. It has very little nutrients built into it. Everything else I’ve seen will burn.

Is there any mix you can use from home depot or lowes? Also any one have a step by step on how to grow in coco.