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Hemper Subscription Box Review – Everything You Need To Know!

Everyone’s seen the myriad of monthly subscription boxes all over the internet, but have you ever thought how nice a weed-related subscription might be? The creators of Hemper did and boy did they ever deliver!

The Hemper Box, for those not in the know, is an incredible subscription box that comes with a huge amount of stuff for an unbeatable price! In this article, we’re going to be reviewing this amazing subscription box and all its contents! So let’s dive in!

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What is the Hemper Box?

The Bare Essentials

Cost: $5 + $2.99 shipping (US) or $20 shipping (Non-US)

Includes: Four core essentials (ex: joint papers, hemp wick, lighter, etc.)

The Hemper Pack

Cost: $19.99 – free shipping (US) or +$20 shipping (Non-US)

Includes: 7+ items from past Hemper boxes and Hemper collaborations

The Hemper Box

Cost: $39.99 – free shipping (US) or +$20 shipping (Non-US)

Includes: $125+ retail value in products including all the bare essentials plus a wide variety of other smoking accessories and frequently a piece of some sort.

The Hemper Box is incredibly affordable, but there’s a way to make it even more affordable! The more boxes you subscribe to at once, the cheaper the boxes get. This subscription box offers the biggest bang for your buck you can find in a monthly subscription.

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The Hemper UFO Bong Box

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What it includes

  • The Hemper UFO Bong
  • Hemper Tech Odor Eliminator Spray
  • Hemper Silicone Cache-Debowling Ashtray
  • Hemper windproof torch lighter
  • Hemper Tech Hempwick
  • Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes
  • Hemper Neon Doob Tube
  • OCB Organic Hemp Papers
  • Twisted Hemp Wraps
  • Hemper Filter Tips
  • Hemper Stickers

What we love

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The Hemper products are amazing, top-quality products like the Hemper Tech Odor Eliminator Spray, lighter, ashtray, alcohol wipes, filter tips, and hempwick. The ashtray, being made of silicone, is a super handy thing to have around. You don’t have to wait until the bowl cools to clean it out or set it down. The hemp papers don’t burn as harshly as other papers and they burn for longer.

The Doob Tube, while it doesn’t have the cap we typically prefer, is a good size and comes in a fun neon color. The wraps are made of hemp, which means they burn longer and are less harsh than traditional wraps and don’t have any trace of nicotine or tobacco. If you’re after blunt wraps, these are the ones you want.

The Odor Eliminator Spray is one of the best selling products on Hemper’s site and for good reason: this stuff works! With this spray, no one will know that you’ve been smoking. The alcohol wipes are incredibly useful when cleaning your bong or spoon. It’s so much easier than dealing with soaking them in a tub of alcohol, but for tougher stains, you might still have to.

Why the Hemper Box?

The contents will come in an unmistakably awesome box! @hempershop

Hemper also offers free shipping to the US on every option except the Bare Essentials Box, which is only $2.99. The Hemper Box is the number one rated weed smoking accessories subscription box and it comes with an over $125 value. With the low price of $39.99 and the option to choose how frequently you want to receive your box, you really can’t beat the Hemper Box.

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What we love about the Hemper Box:

  • It’s affordable
  • Free shipping if you’re in the US
  • Great products you’ll actually use

There’s no reason not to give this excellent subscription box a try. Order yours today!

If you have questions before doing so just leave a comment below!

With so many subscription boxes on the market it can be hard to determine which is worth signing up. That's precisely why we decided to see for ourselves if the hype around The Hemper Box was legit or not. Guess what? It totally is! Read why in our review of this awesome subscription box.