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[WIP] [INCOMPLETE] Hangin’ With Ashley [0.9.3]

For older custom stories that do not work with the last one to three releases of House Party. Please be very specific as to what versions of the game the story you post will work with. Any posts without documented confirmation of version compatibility or significant user complaints of said story NOT working with the documented game version will be removed.

All other rules and expectations pertaining to the Custom Story Showcase apply. Since this subforum is intended specifically FOR old stories that will likely not work with future House Party client versions, we will not have any auto-pruning of ‘old’ or ‘unviewed’ posts, etc. going on.

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[WIP] [INCOMPLETE] Hangin’ With Ashley [0.9.3]

Post by BlazR ยป Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:35 pm

First, very incomplete and nowhere near it. This is just a scenario I’ve slowly been working on while learning CSC. The idea is that you get to choose whether you want to hang out with just Ashley and see how that plays out or invite more people over and see what happens there too. This is actually a second try at this story since I was much further in HP 0.8.8 and why I didn’t just continue with it is another story. Anyway, have fun and at this point, I know it has dead end story lines fairly early on. I’m just testing a lot of things and writing the story as I go. So enjoy it for the 5 minutes of gameplay it has for now and story development ideas are welcome.

EDIT: The idea behind this is that damn near every wrong choice gets you smacked in some way, thus leading to a game over, or the game ends in some other way. Flashing yourself at the wrong time. game over. Being a douchebag in a conversation. game over. Etc etc. There’s always saves, but I’m trying to work out something where wrong choices have immediate and game ending consequences. Leading to multiple funny narration popups that explain the horrible situation you got yourself in.

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