how can you get high without smoking weed

Weed Wise: Non-Smokables to Keep Those Lungs Healthy

Let’s face it: Even in the best of times, it’s a good idea to give your lungs a break from time to time. And though we hate to say it, it’s doubly true in the midst of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. You don’t want to give a respiratory virus any excuse to settle into tired and harshed-out lungs.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to get high without smoking, from flavorful extracts to potent tinctures to all kinds of yummy edibles. So next time you come by the dispensary—we’re offering easy curbside pickup to help maintain those important social-distancing regulations—why don’t you try something new? You just may be blown away by all the ways to get high without smoking!

Get High Without Smoking: Tinctures

Like extracts, these infusions offer a potent dose of cannabis in a discreet, easy-to-use format. Suspended in either neutral alcohol or a glycerine base, tinctures can either be added to your favorite foods or drinks, or just dropped under the tongue for a faster action (typically 15 to 45 minutes). They’re great for making fun cannabis-infused cocktails, fruit smoothies, desserts, or literally any other kind of food you can imagine! Here are a couple of our current favorites.

Stay Lifted Tincture, Yummi Karma

A unique and fun confection, this tincture combines a lot of things we love: Potent THC, guarana and green tea for a natural uplift, a splash of bright orange cream for flavor, and vitamin B-12 for a metabolic boost. It’s a great way to gently supercharge your day with creativity and inspiration.

THC Rich Tincture, Proof

Formulated for strong psychoactivity, this tincture delivers the goods with a soft, smooth and delicious intake. You should feel a well-balanced, euphoric high underscored with a relaxing body buzz. If you can’t tell, we’re big fans!

Get High Without Smoking: Edibles

These cannabis-infused treats probably don’t need any introduction. From gummies to mints to coffees to cookies and more, one thing is clear: The only limit to what you can infuse with cannabis is your imagination! As with extracts, the effects typically take up to 2 hours to come on. Here are some of our favorites.

Brown Butter Sage Marshmallow, Mellows

Combining the nutty toastiness of brown butter with a surprising touch of sage, these marshmallows are a unique and unforgettable treat. Crafted for flavor over potency, they deliver a very manageable 5mg of THC extracted from Red Congolese hash. They’re so good that the only real problem is restricting yourself to just one (or possibly two!).

Red Velvet Cookies, Dr. Norms

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, these vibrant red treats deliver a healthy 10mg of THC per cookie. The white chocolate chips don’t hurt, either! Another winner from one of our favorite “elevated” bakeshops.

Get High Without Smoking: Extracts

These flavorful and potent cannabis concentrates are similar to those you’d find in a vape pen. But they’re just as good—or better—when they’re swallowed! They take longer to come on (be forewarned, sometimes it’s as long as 2 hours) but because the extracts are metabolized through the stomach and liver, the effect is more powerful and longer lasting, sometimes up to six hours! Pro tip: Put a drop under your tongue for a faster high. Here’s one of our favorites.

Mango Brulee, Sessions Supply Co.

This powerful indica-dominant hybrid is great for relaxing the heck out. And the creamy and sweet mango flavor lingers on, and on, and on….

You can find these products and more at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Browse our online menu now to place your order.

Especially with a respiratory virus on the loose, it’s smart to let give your lungs a break now and again. Here are some ways to get high without smoking!

5 Ways to Get High Without Smoking Weed

So, you want to get high, but you don’t want to smoke. Maybe you have asthma, or are just getting over a cold. Maybe your nosy landlord lives in the apartment below. Or maybe you just don’t like the feeling of breathing in hot smoke.

Here are 5 ways to get high without smoking weed:


Dispensaries are full of delicious weed treats – from the classic brownies, chocolates, and gummies to potato chips, cold brew coffee, and sodas. If you aren’t used to edibles, be careful! The high sneaks up on you and feels a little different than the high you get from smoking.

Weed Oil and Weed Butter

If you love to cook, you can infuse your butter or your favorite cooking oil with weed!

To get baked with weed butter, first you need to bake the weed. Put it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake it at 230-250 Fahrenheit for an hour or two. Then you put the decarbed weed in an oven safe glass bowl or jar, immerse it in not quite boiling water in a double boiler over low heat on the stove and let it infuse for several hours. You can simplify the process by buying a machine designed to infuse oil. Strain it out and you have your oil or butter!

You can to save the dried weed and throw it in the blender with olive oil and other herbs to make weed pesto.


You need to heat weed up if you want to get high. Heat turns the THCA in cannabis flowers, which your body can’t use well, into the THC you know and love. This process is called decarboxylation – decarb for short. But just because you need to heat the weed doesn’t mean you have to burn it!

A vaporizer heats weed just enough for it to release the THC and CBD that shape your high and the terpenes that give weed its scent (and help the THC reach your brain).

The result is that you get the THC into your bloodstream just as smoking does – without irritating your lungs!

There are three common kinds of vaporizers. Dry herb vapes vaporize cannabis flowers. They are a great way to experience the scent, taste, and high of your favorite strain. Vape pens take cartridges filled with weed infused oil or glycerin. They are convenient, discreet, and super potent. Wax vapes vaporize BHO (butane honey oil.) They are perfect if you love dabs but don’t love the nail and the blowtorch.


Tinctures are made from decarbed weed infused in glycerin, oil, or alcohol. You can take them directly by the dropper full, or add them to water or juice. An herbalist can help you find tinctures of other plants to combine with your weed tincture to enhance your experience.


Want to combine weed, pleasure, and romance? Weed infused massage oils will get you relaxed and high. For the adventurous, there are weed infused lubes. Don’t forget the weed chocolates to make it a perfect night!

Final Word

These are some of the best ways to get a buzz if you don’t like to smoke. But if you aren’t looking for a buzz then CBD oil is the best way to go! It has some amazing benefits and is becoming extremely popular because of its non psychoactive effects. There’s always new information coming out as this industry emerges so its important to stay up to date on all the latest CBD news.

Like to enjoy cannabis, but hate smoking? Here are 5 ways you can get high without actually smoking weed. From edibles to tintures there's something for you ]]>