how to not get caught selling weed

How to Sell and Not Get Caught


Alright, I know there are more threads on this than one can count but most of them suck. People get caught for selling weed for two main reasons: 1) They tell a bunch of people that they’re growing/selling and 2) The get careless and underestimate their enemy (the policia haha). Anyway, I just thought I’d outline a process for those of you who need money and don’t want to get caught.

Before I even outline this process let me just give you one helpful bit of advice. This bit of advice is so easy to say and extremely hard to follow. Don’t be greedy! That’s right. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s so easy to make loads of cash when you sell in bulk that so many people grow way more than they can conceal. This means your ass is going to prison!

Alright, here we go:

Step One: The Grow
1) Make sure you don’t grow an extreme number of plants. Grow something you can manage. The people who grow 100 plants at a time are the ones who get caught. I’d say grow no more than 20 at a time if even that.

2) Growing a smaller number of plants means you can have a smaller grow room. Trust me, you want a grow room if you don’t want to get busted. Build the grow room yourself. No friends, no family, no construction workers! Nobody must know this room even exists.

3) Pick strains that are low odor. This is always a good idea as cops are trained to know what weed smells like. If they smell strong weed stench all around your property, have fun being handed a search warrant.

4) Use low heat lights and good insulation so as not to give off a significant heat signal. I’m not sure if they do it frequently, but cops sometimes do use heat to find grow rooms. The better insulated a room is the more money you save on heating and the lower the heat signal from the room.

Step 2: The Harvest
1) Have specific clothing you wear when harvesting and never wear this out of the harvest room. This keeps your clothing uncontaminated and reduces the risk of you contaminating your harvest. Do the same with the tools you use to harvest. And for the love of god wear latex gloves!

2) Do not have a room where you have weed upside down. Wait, what the hell? Yes, that’s right. Use a drying room that can be hidden and uses a fan/tray system. It’s called a herb dryer and can be made cheaply.

Step 3: The Sale
Pay close attention to this one as this is where people always fuck up.

Just as a before note, never text or call people to make a large sale. Meet them somewhere private before hand and talk in person. This helps ensure you’re not being listened to. After you meet them in person, arrange a place to meet for the exchange. Remember, if they complain about the way you do business, they’re not worth it. Just say “This is how I do business. It’s the reason I stay in business.”

1) When you’re arranging a sale, do it only with people you know. If you don’t know the person, I wouldn’t risk selling them weed.

2) When selling, never refer to weed as marijuana or any other similar names. Give it a code name. Call it spice or something. Why? Just in case anyone is wearing a wire you’re safe. I know this sounds paranoid, but you’re better safe than sorry.

3) If you live in a small town, do not drive to where you’re selling. Walk. Why? It’s much less likely you’ll get pulled over, stopped at a check point, etc. while walking.

4) Dress casually, keep your hair cut, and don’t wear anything that shows your love of weed. Cops will harass you if they see you dressed like a pothead and you’re acting funny.

5) When you’re about to make the exchange, arrive 5 minutes early and hide the weed somewhere close by. Why? This keeps the weed off you and so if a narc shows up you’re clean and he/she is left looking like an idiot.

6) Point out the location of the weed after you have received your money and after you have verified the buyer is not a cop or working for the cops.

Alright. Now you have your money and you’re free to sell another day! Anybody want to add or dispute something? Let’s make this rough draft even better!

Alright, I know there are more threads on this than one can count but most of them suck. People get caught for selling weed for two main reasons: 1) They…