how to take morning glory seeds without nausea

Experience:50 Seeds of Morning Glory (Raw, Chewed) – Nausea, Euphoria, Sedation

  • Dosage: 50 seeds
  • Date: 24/06/2018
  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 71 kg / 157 lb

I have no experience with any psychoactive substances besides cannabis and alcohol. This experience was in my apartment, at night, with my partner present.


Cannabis makes me anxious physically and makes me overthink mentally, so I decided to start with a very low dose of Morning Glory – 50 seeds, just to ensure I wouldn’t have some sort of a bad reaction.

I ate the seeds raw, chewing them into a paste in my mouth and holding them there for a few minutes before swallowing.

15 mins – I feel the onset of nausea. I’m quite anxious about any negative effects I may experience.

30 mins – The nausea is getting quite bad, I put on some chilled music and try my best to relax.

1 hour – I’m starting to sweat, the nausea is horrible and I want to be sick. I’m burping a lot, sometimes bringing stomach acid and water that i’ve been drinking up into my mouth. Not pleasant, but tolerable. I also start to feel a bit spaced out and happy.

2 hours – The nausea is much worse, the effects are still the same, but I’m really hungry which is a little painful. I decide to eat something which doesn’t make the nausea worse. I ‘m feeling almost no anxiety whatsoever. I’m playing a casual racing video game.

3 hours – I’m feeling extremely relaxed, almost sedated, and feeling especially greatful and affectionate towards my partner. I’m playing a video game called Hellblade which i’m finding incredibly immersive, more than when i’m sober. Experiencing nothing visual and no anxiety.

4 hours – I’m feeling really euphoric and super relaxed. It feels like when im stoned on an indica strain but without any of the mental effects – purely physical with some slow speech.

5 hours – From here on out, I start to ‘come down’ from my euphoria. I experience nothing else and feel almost completely normal after 8 hours.

All in all, although I do wish I had taken more seeds, this was a great ‘test’ to see how i’d react and if there would be any negative effects besides the nausea, which there wasn’t. After a wait a week, I’ll be taking 100 seeds and I’ll see about posting here again.

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Experience reports – Morning glory

How do you use morning glory?

Also question is, how do you eat morning glory?

Be aware that consuming Morning Glory seeds can’t just make for a powerful mind-altering trip. The seeds normally cause nausea and other undesired physical effects so it’s recommended that you eat them on an empty stomach.

Also, can you get high off of Morning Glory? Getting High off Morning Glory Seeds Chemically, Morning Glory flower seeds contain rather high levels of Lysergic acid amide (LSA), an alkaloid that’s chemically similar to LSD. To obtain the effects of these and other hallucinogenic seeds, most people eat Morning Glory seeds or grind them up and add them to drinks.

In this manner, how long do morning glory seeds take to kick in?

On a relatively empty stomach, the onset of effects is about an hour after ingestion, although it can be many hours before peak effects are reached. Primary effects last 6-10 hours when seeds are taken orally. It also takes a couple of hours before being completely back to normal again.

What do you do with morning glory vines?

Uses for morning glory vine: Morning glories are splendid for enhancing fences or for covering up eyesores. They will rapidly cover fences, arches, pergolas, and trellises or can be made into their own garden feature with stakes and twine. They don’t have to grow up.

HOW TO USE MORNING GLORY SEEDS. The Morning Glory seeds can induce powerful trips but the experience will most-often be preceded by some type of nausea. This is why it can be best to consume the seeds on a relatively empty stomach. Don’t eat anything or just very little about 4-6 hours before you take the seeds.