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Huck Seed – Poker Player Profile

If you’re looking for Huckleberry Seed at a poker tournament he’s not that hard to find. You probably won’t notice him because he’s not an excessive talker at the table or a great self-promoter who draws attention to himself wherever he goes. Rather, you’ll notice the quiet, mild-mannered Huck Seed because of his 6’7” height.

It was partly due to this height that Huck Seed attained all-state basketball status while playing high school ball in his hometown of Corvallis, Montana. After his exceptional high school basketball career, Huck decided to attend the California Institute of Technology otherwise known as CalTech. But this was more for his desire to be an electrical engineer rather than for basketball, as his talents were somewhat wasted on one of the worst basketball programs in history.

Seed wasn’t too worried about turning the basketball program around though as he had his mind on other things – namely poker. Huck Seed had been dabbling in poker on the side while pursuing his education and began spending more time in the casinos of California and Nevada than he was on his studies. In 1989, Seed decided that he was going to take a shot at the world of poker while taking an absence leave from school.

The leave of absence became permanent and Huck Seed never looked back once he entered the world of professional poker. The next year he had already made his first two big cashes as he placed fourth in two different 1990 WSOP tournaments. But perhaps his first crowning achievement where Huck could really say he had made it came in 1994 when he won a WSOP gold bracelet in the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha event.

However, that would soon be outdone in 1996 when he won the world’s most coveted poker tournament in 1996: the World Series of Poker Main Event. For his victory, Huck Seed received the hefty sum of $1,000,000 and another gold bracelet. This wouldn’t be Huck’s last bracelet though, as he again struck gold in both 2000 and 2003 while playing Razz.

Aside from his obvious success in the WSOP, Seed has also appeared on poker television shows such as NBC’s Poker After Dark, where only Gus Hansen stood between him and victory in the show’s first ever tournament. Since then he’s made numerous other appearances on the show too.

Another reason that Huck Seed is famous in the poker world is because of all the proposition bets that he has been involved with over the years. One of his more excruciating prop bets was betting that he couldn’t break 100 in four rounds of golf using only a five iron, a sand wedge, and a putter. Seed delivered on the bet despite having to play six rounds in 120 degree desert heat to accomplish the bet. A prop bet that he didn’t come through on though was when Phil Hellmuth bet him $50,000 that he couldn’t stand shoulder-deep in the ocean for 18 hours. Seed made it 3 hours before hopping out.

Nowadays, Huck Seed resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he’s close to a lot of the live poker action. He is a resident poker pro at Full Tilt Poker.

If you’re looking for Huckleberry Seed at a poker tournament he’s not that hard to find. ]]>