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Tips for Growing Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Growers need to be keen when planting a marijuana strain. A misstep in the growing process can result in significant loss. In fact, following the right growing techniques is what determines between high and low yields. The Jack Herer plant is a top-rated cannabis strain. It’s the ambition of most growers to plant this cannabis plant. However, successfully planting and harvesting this strain isn’t easy. Even to the most successful marijuana growers, growing this strain is usually considered a very big challenge. But does this mean that this strain can’t be grown? This article provides you with some of the essential Jack Herer growing tips which you might find useful.

What’s Jack Herer?

It’s a marijuana strain that is named after Jack Herer, a legendary activist in the marijuana sector. The Jack Herer marijuana strain was first developed in 1994 in the Netherlands. It was mainly grown for medicinal purposes but it has evolved to be among the best strains for entertainment. It’s a cross of the Sativa Haze, Shiva Skunk, and the Northern Lights Number 5. Jack Herer has won various awards in the cannabis cups competition. The hybrid is sativa-dominant and its THC content is very high i.e. 23 percent.

Uses of Jack Herer

The Jack Herer plant is has a number of uses and benefits. First, its euphoric effects mean that it’s used mostly in entertainment. It improves mood and leads to comforting highs. It’s the best strain to take if you are in the mood to party. Not only will you get high but its boosts energy in the body, which means that you will be able to have an intense entertainment session. Unlike most types of cannabis. Jack Herer has high levels of CBG compounds. This makes it a perfect strain for treating headaches, depression, and PTSD.

Jack Herer Growing Tips

Growing Jack Herer means that you will get more than just weed. It’s a classic strain of cannabis that has been cultivated for years all over the world. If you are a new grower or you are a seasoned grower who wants to become a pro, don’t worry. This article provides 9 tips on how to grow the Jack Herer plant.

Production Varies with the Phenotype

There are various phenotypes of Jack Herer plant. It’s a unique strain that produces different yields based on the phenotype. The most common type of phenotype that’s loved by growers is the sativa-dominant. However, there are also versions of the indica-dominant variety. If you want greater yields, go for the indica-dominant version because its counterpart is known to produce moderate or low yields.

Grow Indoors

Jack Herer grow as indoors as well as outdoors. But for effective management and good harvest, a grower should cultivate the strain indoors. Cultivation Jack Herer indoor can lead to 18-ounce yield per square –meter. If you plant them outdoors, there are various risk factors which are hard to control e.g. temperature and humidity and they normally result in low yields in case they are too high or too low.

Use a Lighting Schedule (12/12)

Thousands of grower have found the 12/12 type of lighting schedule beneficial. Growing Jack Herer mea

Growing the Jack Herer Marijuana strain is usually considered a very big challenge. This article provides you with all the essential useful growing tips. ]]>