king louis xiii seeds


Cali Connection presents Louis XIII OG, an OG Kush hybrid characterized by heavy yields and its Kush aroma dominated by lemon and diesel. Now it’s part of our feminised cannabis seed catalogue here at AlchimiaWeb.

This classic OG hybrid was developed as seeds by crossing the Louis XIII elite clone to the Tahoe OG line, resulting in an Indica-dominant hybrid.

Indoors, the flowering period of Louis XIII OG is from 65 to 70 days, during which its multiple firm, fat and resinous colas will become very dense and heavy: stakes or support nets are recommended to help our plants support the weight of their flowers. Outdoors, plants will be ready for harvest in late September/early October.

The pungent aroma given off by Louis XIII is, like its powerful relaxing effect, typical of the very best OG Kush lines, combining notes of pine and lemon on a Diesel background.

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