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Marijuana Grow Lights for your Commercial Greenhouse 2019

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Sep 21, 2019 · 6 min read

Commercial Greenhouse Grow Lights

Horticultural lighting poses unique problems. Many commercial greenhouse grow lights are install e d using LED lighting or Sodium Lights (High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights — HPS). Which one is a better solution is a common question. LED grow lights are rather new to the horticultural lighting world, where HPS grow lights have been around for quite some time. There are grow forums around the world who can debate a pro and con list that will equal at any length. So often times, commercial greenhouse grow lights are chosen based on past experience. The horticultural lighting migration from incandescent to fluorescent to high intensity discharge (HID) halogen, to high-pressure sodium (HPS) to LED has taken time; however, renewed interest in energy conservation and novel production is fueling a rapid growth in LED technology.

Commercial Greenhouse HID Grow Lights

HPS grow lights produce a massive amount of raw light output. That is the key to their popularity. This intensity can produce great crop yields which is ideal when working with very large plants. But this lighting intensity also has the downside of using more electricity, generates more heat which increases costs for maintaining grow room temperatures with the necessity for added ventilation, and HPS grow bulbs often need replacement every 12–18 months. All of this adds to higher operation costs using HPS as your horticultural lighting solution.

HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lighting is the most popularly used light source with a proven track record for cannabis growers, providing bright, intense light with a reasonably long lifespan.

  • Provides a wide spectrum of light colors
  • Fairly efficient and less costly when comparing output per wattage
  • Smaller in size than LPS or fluorescent lights
  • Cheaper alternative to other options on the market
  • Provides extra heat which is very beneficial to the marijuana plants in the winter
  • GGS can help with supplemental cannabis greenhouse lighting and with primary lighting for indoor marijuana grows

Commercial Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are without question the most efficient lighting type available resulting in huge savings on your power bill. LED grow lights emit very little heat which makes them ideal for indoor growers especially those using vertical farming methods. LED fixtures are manufactured as a single encased fixture which makes them easy to handle and reduces their size making them ideal for tight spaces. LED fixtures run higher in price than HPS grow lights, but their reduced operating costs pay back in dividends. Colder climate greenhouses and grow rooms using LED horticultural lighting may need to supplement the heat source of your indoor area to help maintain desired growing temperatures.

Cannabis growers are taking advantage of the energy savings that LED marijuana grow lights can provide.

  • Can cut energy use in your cannabis grow facility by up to 75%
  • Yield benefits can offer far beyond kWh savings
  • Provides the wavelengths and intensity you need with adjustable-spectra LEDs
  • Lower maintenance and reduced maintenance costs as diodes last much longer than conventional bulbs
  • Flexible light adjustment; they can be dimmable or can be turned onto full instantly
  • Available in a variety of temperatures for color accuracy
  • Fixtures can be placed closer to marijuana plants for greater efficiency
  • Multiple level cannabis growing is possible
  • Reduced wire size and associated wire costs

3 Best Commercial Grow Lights

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 Grow Lights — Best Canopy Penetration LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Black Dog is known for producing the powerful and compact LEDs with the large footprints that are ideal for commercial cannabis growing. The models from PhytoMAX-2 line stand out as highest rated, latest-technology LED grow lights.

These large scale LED grow lights provide high energy spectrum and light intensity, which is essential for canopy penetration. That way they nourish flowers and leaves of cannabis plants, encouraging them to produce a higher yield with high-quality flowers as well as more trichomes. To improve efficiency, the housings are created for maximum heat dissipation and light distribution.

At about 3 dollars per Actual Watt, the Black Dog lights can compete with the top-end lines. Commercial growers like them because of their great spectrums — ultraviolet and infrared. Also, they offer a large coverage area of 25 square feet (5′ x 5′) in bloom and 6.5′ x 6.5′ in the vegetative stage for marijuana plants.

Horticultural lighting poses unique problems. Many commercial greenhouse grow lights are installed using LED lighting or Sodium Lights (High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights — HPS). Which one is a better…