led grow spotlight

Full spectrum 9 Watt

A smaller alternative to our 18 watt grow light, this E27 spotlight is also passively cooled through its aluminium housing and therefore completely silent when in use.

Despite its small size this light still packs a good punch and thanks to our full spectrum, can be used with any type of smaller indoor plant.

LED for plants

Spotlight for herbs or house plants

This grow light works well for both small indoor grows and house plants.
Besides using different blue and red wavelengths this light also has green light. We use green light for two reasons. Mainly it has a positive effect on cell development in leafs and stems, but also fills in the gap between red and blue light that make up the full spectrum so that all colors are reflected in the grown plants. Have a look under information in the menu to see an illustration of full spectrum vs red/blue spectrum lights.

Effective 9 Watt E27 red green blue LED plant grow lamp spotlight for plants no fans

Spotlight LED Grow Lights Reviews

Spotlight LED Grow Lights : TaoTronics E26 LED Bulb, our top pick!

After receiving numerous requests to evaluate the large number of standard spotlight LED Grow Lights available on the market, we decided to conduct a review of four of the most visible and available.

Spotlight LED grow lights advantages

The main advantage of using spotlight LED Grow lights is the low cost of purchase and operation, and the ease of setup. These spotlight LED Grow lights are built in the standard format of a spotlight. Also, they fit in a standard E27/E29 screw-in type light socket. They are very easy to put into service right out of the box. Since you do not need any additional equipment. Finally, they have internal heat-sinks, use standard house volt/amp power. They also fit in any standard (E-27) screw lamp socket.

We took at look at four of these spotlight LED grow lights offered for sale. The four main brands are TaoTronics, Litom, Pot Wizard, and Divine. All the lights are offered for sale on Amazon and are priced under $40.00 each.

Top Spotlight LED grow lights comparison

Spotlight LED Grow Light Reviews

Seller Watts LEDs Spectrum Life Cost
TaoTronics 12 1W x 12 3 Band 50,000 hr $27
Pot Wizard 12 1W x 12 3 Band 50,000 hr $30
Litom 36 3W x 12 3 Band 50,000 hr $40
Divine 12 1W x 12 3 Band 50,000 hr $22

If you look up and read through the specs and information on each of these lights you will get the impression there are four different lights offered. However, the reality is there are two lights to pick from. The selection of the right one for you, or whether you should select a different format, is fairly simple.

12 Watt LED Bulb

The 12 watt light could be a good selection for a new grower who is only going to grow one plant. If you are operating on a limited budget, and isn’t sure that indoor growing is a long-term commitment. People often have a limited space to grow in or a location that does not get enough direct and reflected light to grow the plant they want in that location. The 12 watt light is a great one plant grow light for those situations. The limitation is you will need to keep the lamp fairly close to the plant (18”). It will also not be able to cover more than one plant. There are three 12 watt lights ai the above table and if this LED bulb sounds like the right selection for you we recommend buying the TaoTronics lamp. They are an established company with great reviews and a good customer service program.

Litom LED Bulb

The other light in this format is the Litom LED grow bulb which is the same general format, but uses 3 watt LED diodes. This difference results in 36 watts of lighting, or triple the light delivered by the other three E27 format bulbs. As you may imagine this difference will result in a significantly better delivery of lighting lumens to the plant you are growing, for slightly higher price. This will be a better choice for growing applications where the light may have to be higher above the plant canopy, where the plant canopy will spread out wider, and when the light needs to penetrate deeper. This light is also better choice for plants that need stronger lighting during their bloom phase.

Disadvantage of the E27 format

The main disadvantage of the E27 format LED light is two-fold.

  • There is limited lighting power and spectrum per fixture when setting up a grow room or tent type setup.
  • The E27 format requires you provide a mounting base for each bulb. Also, they do not come with suspension equipment and power cords.

After receiving numerous requests to evaluate the large number of standard spotlight LED Grow Lights available on the market, we decided to conduct a review of four of the most visible and available.