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Lemon Haze (BSB Genetics) Feminized

BSB Genetics’ Lemon Haze is a spectacular cross between two of the most popular European strains. The insanely potent Amnesia Haze and the tasty Lemon Skunk come together in a strain with a mouth-watering aroma and a powerfully uplifting sativa high. Because of her short flowering phase, you won’t have to wait too long for a hefty and tasty harvest!

Lemon Haze (BSB Genetics) Feminized
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BSB Genetics – Lemon Haze: A Sativa With Extraordinary Flavours & Effects

BSB Genetics took two of the most appreciated European strains to make their Lemon Haze: the crazy-potent Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. This makes for an impressive sativa-dominant hybrid that isn’t just super powerful and incredibly tasty; the breeders at BSB Genetics also managed to shorten her flowering time, something rarely seen among top Hazes.

Thanks to the rapid-finishing Amnesia Haze mother and the even faster Lemon Skunk, flowering times with this lady are kept to an absolute minimum, considering that she is predominantly a sativa (70%). Lemon Haze goes through flowering in just 8 weeks! Grow her indoors under a 600W grow lamp, and she will yield you a very respectable 500g/m² under ideal conditions.

Her juicy buds have the scent of pure, freshly squeezed lemons, making your mouth water before you even set a light to this delightful herb. And as you’d expect, smoking Lemon Haze is an experience like no other. Just like her amazing scent, her taste blends refreshingly sweet orange and lemon notes with hints of pineapple, making this strain a real pleasure for the senses.

Lemon Haze contains up to 20% THC, which means that she is extraordinarily potent, and her effect is fast-hitting. Get ready for an awesome, energising smoke that will uplift your mood and give you energy! Her sativa effect makes Lemon Haze a great daytime smoke that will put a smile on your face in no time. Lemon Haze, thanks to her happy and social high, is also a great choice to share in the company of good friends.

Lemon Haze by BSG Genetics is a formidable Haze that delivers it all. Her amazing citrus flavours and dazzling sativa effect make her a top choice to grow, and not just for Haze lovers!

Lemon Haze by BSB Genetics is a superb Haze that delivers awesome citrus flavour and a powerful, energising sativa high.