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Limoncello is a sativa strain that’s only known parent is Lemon Ice. Its flavors can be described as citrusy, fruity, pungent, and sweet. Users have documented that this high starts in the head and makes its way down through the body. It won the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in both 2008 and 2009. Legal online cannabis dispensary has all the details on the limoncello strain information.

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  • citrus
  • fruity
  • pungent, and
  • sweet.

Like its name suggests, Limoncello ( limoncello 28 strain) has that citrus tastes people enjoy. Its high starts in your head and slowly travels through the rest of the body. It provides pain relief and helps you go to sleep easier. This strain has a very potent psychedelic high that is better suited for veteran smokers, which was enough to win HighTimes Cannabis Cup winner of 2008 and 2009.

Grow information

Plants tend to be along the taller size with a flowering time of anywhere from 63-70. The average yield is high. LIMONCELLO STRAIN can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Preferred Medium: Soil

Flowering Time In Days: 63-70

Outdoor Finish: Early October

Height: Tall

Average Yield: High

Environment: Greenhouse

Growing Notes: Can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments.

What happens when you smoke Limoncello 10 strain

When lit, the buds radiate a spotless and natural fragrance, a comparable smell to consuming sage. The smooth smoke isn’t overwhelmingly sharp, yet comparably home grown to its smell. limoncello 28 strain leaves behind a lingering spicy- floral scent that is similar to potpourri.

Clients will feel the impacts of this sativa rapidly. Initially, you will be hit with a solid race to the head that is recognizably more stimulating than muddling. When time passes, the underlying shiver spreads down the head and into the appendages, making a profound feeling of unwinding with no sofa lock-impacts. Next, you will be hit with a sentiment of imagination. This is an extraordinary strain for innovative conceptualizing and perception. The feeling of simplicity and imagination make limoncello strain sativa an extraordinary strain to devour in social settings. It gives both unwinding and buzz to the body and brain. This smooth high is useful for diminishing pressure, nervousness, and wretchedness. Limoncello 10 strain could be viewed as a wake-and-heat strain, and is more reasonable for daytime use than for night. It isn’t suggested for those experiencing a sleeping disorder, as the incitement can really keep clients conscious.

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LIMONCELLO STRAIN is a sativa strain that’s only known parent is Lemon Ice. Its flavors can be described as citrusy,fruity,pungent,and sweet.