marijuana burger


  • February 11, 2020
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This cannabis infused cheeseburger recipe is the stuff dreams are made of, here’s why:

In this cannabis infused cheeseburger recipe we will show you the key to an amazing cannabis infused beef patty. This burger starts with a sesame seed bun, wrapped around a perfectly seasoned, mouth-watering hamburger. We top this off with your favorite cheese, crisp onion, lettuce, juicy tomato, pickles and burger sauce. The best part about this weed-burger is that it is completely infused with THC.

How do I get this weed infused cheeseburger started?

Our cannabis infused cheeseburger recipe we will show how to infuse burger patties with cannabis without wasting any valuable THC. To make that happen, you will first need to make a cannabis butter before starting the rest of the recipe. Cannabutter roughly takes 3 hours to make, so be sure to make it ahead of time.

Once your cannabis infusion is ready to go, it’s time to start working on the weed burgers. High quality meat is important in this burger, so make sure to get the best from your butcher. And, ask for the meat to be at least 20% fat and 80% lean.

When you would be making a regular burger, an oven is usually not needed. However, for this cannabuger recipe, we use an oven to make sure the THC does not degrade due to high heat. We also brush any remaining cannabis butter from the pan onto the buns and crisp ’em up in the oven.

Let’s get this patty started!

Do you hope to plan this recipe for a cannabis party or for 420? You can easily create smaller patties and pick up small buns. Are you picking up what we’re putting down? Use this recipe to create cannabis infused sliders!

Enjoy the recipe and always consume weed edibles responsibly! Hit us up in the comments below and tag us on social media! We would love to see how your canna-cheeseburger turns out!

The ultimate weed edible. An amazing cannabis infused cheeseburger. Perfect patty for parties or special occasions. Check out the simple recipe here!