master kush plant

Tips for growing Master Kush cannabis

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Strain overview: A beautiful example of landrace genetics, Master Kush was created by White Label Seeds by collecting two indica landrace strains from the Hindu Kush mountain range. It has classic Kush genetics, with pungent earthy and recognizable incense smells. Reminiscent of the charas hash from the Hindu Kush mountains, its high relaxes the body while keeping the head clear, making it a unique and enticing strain.

Grow techniques: Master Kush is perfect for a hydroponic SOG (sea of green) setup. Its plants remain short and dense, making it ideal for filling a small grow space. Use garden trellises, then clear out lower bud sites to direct the energy into the colas.

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

Yield: High

Grow difficulty: Easy

Climate: Ideally, keep temperature between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels low, between 30-40% RH.

Indoor/outdoor: A great indoor strain for those with small spaces, Master Kush can also do well outside with its ability to handle colder night temperatures.

Feeding: Master Kush needs lots of feeding, as it grows dense and stalky.

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