mendocino purple kush

Mendocino Purple Kush

Mendocino Purple Kush is the mix of two mythic strains – Mendochino Purple from Canada and Purple. Kush. These parents are famous due its amazing purple colors, earthy flavors, high resin production and a strong narcotic high.

The plant develops a robust structure and large leaves. It is recommended for indoors in SCROG. The plant also require a right feeding schedule. It doesn’t like overfeeding and reacts to this immediately. Its 4 different phenotypes provides color scale from green to deep violet.

During indoor cultivation the flowering period takes 8-9 weeks and the crop reaches to 450/m2. The strain also demonstrates excellent results outdoors where it is harvested in early October and produces about 600gr/plant.

The smoke offers intense earthy flavors with sweet notes.

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