og kush spray

Og kush spray

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Product Description

OG Kush® – Extrait de Parfum

Part of Xyrena’s Reefer Madness Collection, OG Kush is the world’s first parfum reproduction of the infamous West Coast strain. OG Kush opens with the strains signature sour lemon and pine aroma and dries down to an earthy cedar fragrance with a hint of burnt rubber common in ‘kush’ strains. To achieve a true to life interpretation of OG Kush, the formula combines both synthetic fragrance oils with natural terpenes found in cannabis, including Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Cedrene.

Disclaimer: Xyrena’s Reefer Madness® collection contains synthetic and natural fragrance materials, including terpenes. We do not use any cannabis extracts including CBD or federally controlled substances like THC.

OG Kush® is part of Xyrena's Reefer Madness Collection™ – the first line of luxury strain-specific cannabis fragrances.