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OG PIE BREATH REVIEW BY [email protected]……….

Strain Name\type//////// OG Pie Breath by Copper State Farms

Got this at SAINTS located in TUCSON, AZ great little dispensary with good deals and helpful staff.

OG Pie Breath Is a 60\40 Indica dominant hybrid testing right around 25%
It is the combination of a cherry pie cut crossed with a og kush x og kush breath hybrid… giving this bud great genes that are apparent as soon as u bust open the pack.

Commonly Used for Pain appetite loss nausea depression and stress

Looks\\\\\ This batch of herb was small dense popcorn buds, bright pops of green and yellow speckled with purple and dusted in small short crystals accented by sparse red-orange hairs….. Top pic is natural light and lower pic is with flash….

Smell \\\\\Sweet Sugary aroma with hints of fruity citrus and gassy kushy pine…. Lots of levels to this a nice journey for your nostrils

Taste\\\\\ On a dry hit its sweet, almost sugary… let’s fire up… we blazing some VIBES ultra thin cones by the way.. (word 2 uncle Bern) Heavy and Musky hints of spice and any hint of sweetness that was present pre flame is gone… Very original flavor slightly spicy with a lite and crisp finish on exhale…

Smoking Experience & Final Thoughts\\\\\\ Very quick on set calming relaxing with a little burst of energy…. Very enjoyable… social active high…. Great with friends or solo around the house cleaning… got me with the sweaty forehead which is def a good sign. to me this is a great go to for almost anything … So if u like pie or kush or breath strains this is definitely up your alley with a strong

OG PIE BREATH REVIEW BY OGKT@THISWEEKSHIGH………. Strain Name\type//////// OG Pie Breath by Copper State Farms Got this at SAINTS located in TUCSON, AZ…

OG Pie Breath

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Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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OG Pie Breath by Copperstate Farms

About this brand

Copperstate Farms

1 customer review

on September 15th, 2020

This strain is a keeper! Smoke real smooth, strong & it will put you down on the couch. Great to watch movies.

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OG Pie Breath by Copperstate Farms